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I have driven my car less then 100 miles since the repaint and I am already seeing loads of chips on the bottoms of the doors and big ones on the lower door sills. I have V8 wheels on the car, but I also have the V8 fender flares. One look at the car and its obvious what is causing the problem...the tire sticks out a couple inches from the bottom of the car throwing stones all up along the sides. I am wondering if perhaps I should install some sort of small mud flap? Has anyone else run into this problem before. I'm surprised that I don't see every Esprit with sand blasted lower halves because of this design flaw. :sick:



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I thought about the 3M stuff, is it hard to apply? I looked at getting it down professionally and they want big $$$ to put on a custom set. I can't imagine its THAT difficult to install the stuff.

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Best Solution is to made 4's a easy work and request a day if you are good in bricolage and expecially if you are really good with cutter and meter

When I fitted the V8 wheels my car was always dirty water expecially mud but the problem was the little stones ......

So I used a good rubber (I bought it on a idraulic shop but you can find them in all brico shops) and made 4 mud flaps, I fitted them inside of wheel archs (here you can fit with some screw because there are always the hole of the archs).....the mud flaps are not bad and they work fine....also if you do a good work you will not see them on the car and they will seem STANDARD ON THE CAR

I will post some photos in short my camera not work....however this particular mod. is very nice and work fine, I have the mud flaps on the car from months.............



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