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Please list your Esprit below.

2002 espirt v8  25th anniversary #63 Chrome Orange  sccdc08272ha10397 picked it up from koons chevy dealership in virginia - supposedly traded in on a c6 vette? now it lives at it's forever

I have a few. 1976 Esprit S1 123G gelcoat red and tartan all original on the road, 1976 Esprit S1 166G gelcoat Orange and tartan half restored all original , 1976 Esprit S1 170G gelcoat Orange and tar

Posted Images


97 gt3 orange

Lou, Munich

That's a very early GT3 Lou. I reckon number 10 or 11. My car is number 22 chassis number 42121 produced in November 96, so yours must be earlier.

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1980 Turbo Esprit White

Paul Steinberg, Melbourne, Australia

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this is one of the Esprits i was looking for your registry:

1991 Esprit SE, magnolia red, Owner is Richard Raid,

VIN SCC082910LHF65883, the car was first registred in the netherlands now

located in Vorarlberg/Austria.

Now i am hunting the other 2 Turbo Esprits for their data`s.

Bye for now.

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Esprit Turbo

sparky (Gary Clark), Watford, UK

Clearly, I need to get out more. :) Hope people don't mind my posting this.

Australia 20

Austria 4

Belgium 7

Canada 17

China 3

Colombia 1

Czech Republic 1

Denmark 1

Finland 2

France 6

Germany 15

Hungary 1

Ireland 3

Italy 2

Japan 1

Malaysia 1

Netherlands 6

New Zealand 4

Norway 6

Saudi Arabia 1

South Africa 1

Spain 1

Sweden 5

Switzerland 5

Turkey 1

UK 146

USA 94

Grand Total 355

Edited by sparky

British Ambassador to Florida, New York, Denmark and Newfoundland.  And Sweden.

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1998 Lotus Esprit V8 SCCDC0827WHA15573 Black, Tan Rod Wiggins, Cleveland, OH, USA.


98 Esprit V8

Dynamic Racing Turbos

Water Injection

Factory Red ECU

3 bar MAP piggyback

Straight-through exhaust

TurboXS BOVs

Blitz I-color boost control + Wide-band AFR

Porsche/Getrag G50/52 Transmission (...coming soon someday)

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How about adding a column for color/colour?

Edited by fmxa
Paddle Faster, I hear Banjos!
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Bibs - sorry to be a niusance.

But mine doesn't belong to me anymore :)

SCC082910RHA61212 1994 Esprit S4 CharlieC (Shaddy Riaz), Cambridge UK/Frankfurt Germany

I'll ask the new owner if he wants to make himself known.

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Please help to post my car detials on the registry

Chassis # SCC082910NHA60098

Model & year : 1992 esprit turbo SE high wing

owner & location: Dennis Wong, New Territories, Hong Kong

Also on the registry , there is a owner fopsw1(steve wright) in my area , can you please give me his e-mail address or you can pass my to him so we can meet up .

Await your reply

BEst regards


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Another to add to the list please:-

Chassis No: SCC082918THA15174

1996 Esprit V8 Turbo

Azure Blue

Reg. No: P1 DXL (Formerly P712 DOX)

Many thanks

Dave Excell

Gloucester & Somerset

Edited by dave excell
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Hi Bibs - sorry to be a pain in the a*se but think I'm slightly out of order......

SCC082910HHD12405 1987 Turbo Esprit HC nello (Neil Yardley), Berkswell, UK

SCC082910HHH10708 1987 Turbo Esprit HC Richard Stattner (darkblue) , Remetesz

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SCC085912FHD12166, 1985 ESPRIT S3 (GLACIER BLUE)



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