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Check engine light after almost stalling

Fred Basset

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Guys, I've had this twice now, a few months apart. The car almost stalls but just manages to keep running - immediately the check engine light comes on.

I've got a code reader and each time it's P0442 which is a leak in the Evaporative Control System.

I've checked everything, my Lotus specialist has checked and we can find nothing. It's so sporadic that I'm not too worried but I wondered if anyone has had anything similar and knew the cause.



02 V8

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From the service notes:

P0442 Evap system leak detected

Description: Not implemented

Malfunction criteria: N/A

Secondry enable conditions: N/A

Disabled by faults: N/A

Time required: N/A

Potential failure modes: N/A

Limp home: N/A

So ... it's a miracle :-)

Is this a UK car? If so it doesn't even have an evap system, only the US cars do and all the other implemented faults for those are disabled on the UK cars.

So P0442 should be nothing to worry about. I suppose it could be more sinister, your ECM is having delusions of grandeur and might start singing 'Daisy, Daisy'. I'd suggest pulling the fuse on it - at least overnight (there's some 'battery' backup, actually a big capacitor). Disconnecting it is better than using an OBD-II scanner since that only wipes the diagnostic data.

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It's a UK car alright and during this week its started happening daily without the stalling part. I spoke to Lotus Technical and they advise its a known problem with a split in the rubber seal between the tank filler and the body. Sure enough I checked this and there is a split.

Just waiting for a replacement and I'll advise whether it cures the problem.



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