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My Granddad (my step-mum's dad) was a POW in WWII but thanks to an Itailian family he now considers to be part of his own family he managed to survive and make an escape.

Alf's got to that stage in his life and is reflecting back on his life and decided to write it all down and has paid for his book, 'Always Tomorrow: Sempre Domani' to be published.

I would say it's a cracking read and you should all buy it but I haven't read it myself yet so I really don't know! We've only just found out it's for sale and I've ordered a copy today but I did want to boast about how fantastic a man Alf is & how proud I am that he's put pen to paper and publish his story :yes

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I'm a huge admirer of the escapees from WW2 and their stories. Generally I don't think todays youth generation understand the trials and tribulations they went through. I'll be buying this as soon as I can get to a book shop.




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My Grandad was also a POW in Italy which by all accounts was hell on earth. He loved Italy and always wanted to move there at some point. Some how he must of got lost though becuase they ended up in Adelade.

I hope it sells well, and nothing shameless about it. :blush:

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My Great Uncle died as a POW in Germany and my Grandfather served in the Med as a Gunner in the Fleet Air arm. I love the old stories and think it wonderful that he's published it. I'll take a looksee and maybe order one as well! Send my congrats.

Possibly save your life. Check out this website.


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My father (Dutch) from Christmas '42 to liberation spent the duration as a POW in the Kobe shipyards alongside British, American and Australian prisoners. More than half didn't survive either the deprivations of captivity or the daily US bombing raids at the end.

He related how on release those who could were walking to the railway station when a little Japanese girl walked up to him and held his hand tightly all the way. He said this was a significant incident that helped him moderate his view of the Japanese.

I'm going to hunt up that book here too. Hope it goes well.

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