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New engine block

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A long time since I've been on here, almost lost interest!

I had to lose my original 83 Turbo engine block following replacement of a piston when the head wouldn't torque back up - p1ssng oil everywhere and it wouldn't helicoil straight. Dilemma, new engine or new block ?

Replacement block found, rebuild and back in the car - about to start breaking in.

Anyone know if an 85 Turbo engine block will present the same cooling issues as an 83 block?

Was there any interim improvement in the strength / durability by 1985 - a sort of Darwinian evolution of blocks, I had heard that the 87HCI turbo block was substantially better because the water channels were wider and number 4 cylinder was less likely to suffer.




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My 85 Turbo had 4 engine rebuilds, that I know of, in it's early life. Two of them were under waranty & was a complete engine replacement. These were done in the first couple of years or so of her life. When I 1st bought her, it turned out she had a HC block & crank. I can't speak for the pistons & liners as I haven't split the old unit yet. But I know that this engine was rebult by PO. However, due to Cyl head gasket failure no 4, I have now replaced the engine with an HC unit form an 88 turbo.


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I'm reasonably sure the later heads had improved cooling, not so sure about the block as that's pretty much just a water jacket, not a series of channels.


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