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FWIW =- the one in my S4s was the same size as the V8 but had slightly different tools inside.

Paddle Faster, I hear Banjos!
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V8 toolkit, is it the same as a 4 pot?

Nope, all items are double... :(



'88 Excel SE - monaco white

'99 Elise 111 - azure blue �

'87 TurboEsprit - calypso red

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The parts manual only shows one toolkit (part # A082T4016F) in the 1996 edition. The manual details the V8 & GT3. So from this I'd assume that both cars shared the same tool kit.

The 93 manual shows a different toolkit that has different tools inside it, also has a different part #.

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Thanks guys, I think I will watch it and see what it goes upto. Anybody any idea how much a new one is? Not cheap I'll wager as a glovebox manual (also missing) was quaoted at

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Hi Adrian

The "tool box" really isn't worth alot of your hard earned cash,it looks (i have the original on my S4s) like it was made by Cadburys the only useful tool is the torx driver to remove the covers on the OZ split rims ,the rest i would go to Halfords and buy a descent roadside tool kit and a tuperware box to store them in !

Simplest things first.

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I bought a V8 Kit, as my S4 Kit was missing when I bought the car.

I spent 45 quid or so at the sale. And no, is not the same.

All tools with a name on it came from HEYCO, a tool manufacturer in Germany.

If you want I can post a pic tomorrow....

Olaf S400 project



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I dont really want it as a useable toolkit, it's just for originality, bit anal I know.

Olaf, Thanks for the info, I'll think I'll give it a miss until an S4/S4s/GT3 one comes up.

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It's not fair for me to deliberately use the Forum to sell to you all, but on this occasion check the sale list on the Forum the kit A082T4016F is in there at a price you may like.

Leave it with you.

Gooner ;)

Parts Supplying Lotus God

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