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Hello everyone. Just joined up here a few minutes ago. An 04 Midnight Blue will be here next week and I cannot wait! I drive a 2006 Subaru STi right now and have some plans for it and love it, but cannot wait to sit behind the wheel of this amazing car. The car has 6,800 miles on it and one owner who took title to it in 2005. Garage kept and well maintained of course. I can't wait to take this thing for a drive, and just wanted to say hello to the Esprit family. I'll definitely be browsing these forums for help and general information, and will search before I ask!

Here are some pictures I took..still need to get some more so hopefully I will soon!




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This one is actually from a dealer in Illinois. I'm in North Carolina, so it will be a few days before they ship it down to me. I think the one in Texas I saw was an 03 red. Beautiful nonetheless, but something about that I liked the fact that it is the last year of production too. I will definitely post up some pictures as soon as I can. I can't wait!

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Welcome Gabe, sounds like a nice car you've got your hands on there, I bet you can't wait ;)

We've a section on here just for Carolina owners, clicky and check out too :)

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Welcome matey! Lets see some pics when you get it! Like Bibs says we have an active Carolina section here so enjoy. Any questions please just as a moderator.....and I think we have at least one of those in Carolina as well!!

Possibly save your life. Check out this website.


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(belated) Welcome Gabe!

Can't wait to see the car. As mentioned above, make sure to check out the Carolina section of the site. LEF's North Carolina division is fiarly new, but we get together at least once a month and have a great time. Where in NC are you located?

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Welcome to the forum, Gabe. I have been a member for only two months, but I can definitively tell you that you will find it (along with the "Lotus Esprit World" website) to be a most welcome source of information, tips, and comaraderie. The people here are true "enthusiasts", but are almost self-effacing in their efforts to help their fellow Esprit owners. "Flaming" is next to nonexistant here (although humorous "pokes" can be found), so ask away. Sounds like you are acquiring a real "find". I can promise you that you will (along with all the other "newbies", "semi-newbies", and established members) find yourself making hourly visits to the garage to view this timeless beauty for some time to come. Enjoy!



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