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As new Excel for sale

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Mark, what is that exterior colour?

It's just the sort of thing I've been thinking about for the Excel. I wanted an equivalent to the blue of my TE in a green. I looked at the purple one that Mike Taylor was working on, except I didn't want purple. I wanted green of the same ilk.

I know a colour change is going to be a big deal, but if it's the colour I want it's worth it.

I wouldn't plan to follow the interior colour scheme though, I plan for a light golden leather to go with the new (arrived today) champagne carpets.

I do have a Lotus with a green interior. the Europa is darker than that, from a distance people wouldn't suspect it's green but once you get closer to the car you can see the dash is green.


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Yes Kimbers, one of the stories on here related to CC and his hanger for his plane, and it mentioned him driving a souped up Cortina Ghia which sounded rather low-key for him. Can you or your pop recall what other cars he ran?

LOL, i don't need to ask the old man. Yes I remember his Granada, but it wasn't souped up it was a normal top of the range car.

The one in the pic is an 84 and his was a 79 or 80 I think, 2.8 Ghia Granada. At the time the company also had a stretched Limo which was the same model. To be fair Colin did use it alot but so did dad.

Dad actually liked it so much he bought my mum it's smaller brother:

Except my Moms was a 2.0 S in Silver with a black Vinyl Roof! Sexy!!

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Mark, what is that exterior colour?

Sorry Andy, I had a picture of a Lotus colour swatch from the period which would have given it a name but can't find it. Kimbers had the real article before it went on Ebay (he might still have a spare?)

I always thought it was Ford Crystal green, but after googling some images it's nowhere near. I'll keep looking if an answer isn't forthcoming.

In the garage no-one can hear you scream 

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[color="#A0522D]Somehow the idea of an automatic Excel appeals to me more than a manual... am I naughty for admitting that? [/color]
its a balanced arguement between the sin of desiring an autobox in a sports cars (althou most modern supacars have flappy paddle gearboxs nowadays) and the left wing approach to heavy clutches and it must be a manual to be a proper sports cars to thrash the knickers of your passenger..

Myself who after many years of desiring a lotus who thinks the excel thought was its more refined than the manual and has a real beautiful line to it rather than like the uglier bumpered early espirit (having seen a nice example parked in front of the Hethel based head office rather more than a few years back 1 bonfire night)bought a nice SA my train of thought that as an auto it was less likely to have been thrashed and as a rarer example would 1 day be worth alot more dosh.

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