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1995 S4S or 1997 V8


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I am a newbie and did all the reading I could find about the Esprit. I own a 94 twin turbo supra and I thinking of getting the Esprit instead. I test drop a 2001 Esprit and it was a tight fit (I am 6'3") but still loved the ride. The car was not any faster then my Supra but I love the way the Esprit look and the fact that only a few people have it around here.

To my question, Is the 1995 is better then 1997 V8? is the engine more reliable? is it faster? Better handling?

Sorry for all the questions but any opinion will be greatly appreciated.


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Both very different animals, but personally I'd go for the S4s. Bottom line drive both a see which one you prefer.

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S4s every time. More economic, more reliable and the S4s is one of the best Esprits ever made.

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Yep, I'd agree. If a 2001 V8 felt similar to your Supra (which, I assume, isn't stock!) then an S4S is going to be shopping trolley slow. The S4S is great for whizzing about in the Europeland back roads, but the wide open spaces of the States calls for a V8 every time.

The V8s make a relatively easy 400 bhp (+50 over stock) with a mild flexing of the wallet and can be persuaded to yield more if you're friendly with bank manager.

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My Supra is not stock but it is still using the original turbos and I just have the good all Muffler, Air, Bost Cut Controller and Intercooler upgrade.

Is all the V8 esprit are able to be upgraded to 400bhp with the ECU upgrade?



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there is no other heroic engine on this planet!

2,2 l with 300 HP stock ( some up to 400 HP modified ), do not even find that much today!!!

Sure a V8 is power, but rubberband like, not with a whack in the back of the head.....

You need to know your prefs, both are sick cars !!!!! :lol:

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Very satisfying to keep up with the "big dogs" in a 4 cylinder....never driven a V8 but my S4s is FAST. The 4-pots are also less likely to destroy the transmission.....and clutch replacement is like 1/2 or more of the cost of a V8 model (AND less often). The S4s also has more "collector" potential than any 89-95 Esprit, save for maybe the Sport 300.

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