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slave cylinder rebuild

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well i jsut spent the morning taking off and rebuilding the slave cylinder as the rubber on the piston had worn down too much.

i was a little wary of doing it as i had never done one before , but after a little research i felt competent enough to do it.

i removed the two bolts holding it on, and undid the braided clutch hose, luckily fluid didnt go everywhere as the fluid was a little low and hadn't been pumped to pressure.

when i took off the cover rubber and took the arm out i noticed it was full of fluid, so my assumption it had gone was right.

i took off the connector adapter off the rear and the bleed nipple as they both needed a good clean up with these off the piston was easy to tap out, if it was a good seal this wouldnt have been so easy to tap out.

once out i checked the size of the old seal with the new one and found it was a lot smaller, hence the leak!. the inside of the slave cylinder was ok, up towards the top where it hadnt been getting it was a little oxidised, so i got some fluid and a small piece of 1200 grit paper and rubbed it all away gently, then i did the inside bore basically honing it.

the piston is nice and clean with no pits or marks, so i slid the new piston seal onto the piston and then opened the red grease, this grease is specifically for the rubbers near clutch fluid and was part of the kit.

with a good smear on the rubber and inside the bore i clipped the spring back on and pushed it in, then inserted the new cir clip.

i then coated the main fluid in adapter thread in comma 360 high temp sealant and tightened up.

all was re-attatched to the car and is ready for fluid and bleeding.

pictures to follow later on

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mike it did instantly, when i hadthe pipe off i tried the pedal to et the end fluid out and make sure it flowed easily, when it got to the bottomthere was no stickyness at all.

when you see the pictures you will see why it needed doing, to behonest im going to buy a new slave cylinder as the master is brand new, this one is in good condition, nothing wrong with it, but i may as well get a nice new shiny one in. and as the mot is due shortly im going on a mad sort out and clean up before he gets it.

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When I rebuilt mine I had a stainless sleeve fitted. The way the cylinder works leaves the bore open to the elements unless the pedal is pressed. There is a rubber boot but it is vented so water or moisture can get in. Therefore it more readily rusts in the bore.

So far so good with the stainless sleeved bore.


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