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Which Oil

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I know this has been asked lots of time's but currently draining my system for its first oil change under my new ownership so thought I'd ask you guy's which one ?I'd thought about gtx Magnetec cause it'll keep the cams queit when its cold and I used this in my elsie without any probs.

Your thoughts please.

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In my opinion (which may not be worth a great deal) either Mobil 1 or Castrol Edge synthetics are very good motor oils.

I've not previously heard of using thicker oil to "keep the cams quiet". I thought OHC engines liked nice thin oils so that the cams get lubricated as quickly as possible from a cold start. All of my car engines make a fraction more noise before oil pressure builds but we're only talking a very few seconds. The key thing is not to drive off before oil pressure has built!

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That's the beauty of "multi-viscosity" oils, and why they were developed in the first place. When the engine is started from "cold", they act as a "thin oil" for all the right reasons, previously mentioned above. The viscosity then "ramps up" as the engine warms, and thus becomes "thick" when needed most. It's almost magical. With that in mind, it would seem that the greater the "spread", the more protection one would have. I've been told that there are even oils with the lower number being "zero"! Now THAT'S thin indeed!


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