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Clutch problem - new setup.

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Well - the good news is that the brakes work.

Bad news is the clutch.

Can anyone help me?

I ran a steel line from front to rear, but I started off with 3/16 line, and then near the rear I stepped up to a quarter.

It has a Wilwood clutch master cylinder, and I got all the air out of it, but when I put my foot on the clutch it moves about 2 inches and then it is REALLY hard, I can hardly push it any further, certainly not to the floor.

I was thinking it could be the step up in size I made at the rear, or that the small line is not moving enough fluid to do the work that is needed.

Does anybody else have any opinions or ideas?


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The amount of fluid being being moved is dictated by the master cylinder (masterpiston area * stroke = amount of fluid being moved), the travel/stroke of the slave cylinder is dictated by the amount of fluid being moved and the area of the slave piston (stroke of slavepiston = amount of fluid / slavepiston area). This is regardless the size (diameterwise / lengthwise) of the line between the master and slave cylinder.

If you cannot push the pedal to the floor than it looks like you are bottoming out (max stroke) on the master and/or the slavecylinder or the stroke of the slave cylinder is too big for the clutch mechanism or the clutch mechanism is faulty. An idea is to remove the slave from the gearbox and leave it attached to the hydraulic line and test/check the pedal/slave cylinder travel, in order to find out where the problem is.

Hope this helps,


Esprit Freak

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I take it you are still using the Citroen gearbox??

If so what clutch arrangement have you got .

From what you describe I would have to agree with Freek, you are bottoming out one of the cylinders.


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If you do the check that Freek suggests, get someone to press the pedal slowly while you watch the movement of the slave cylinder or you may pop the slave cylinder's piston right out of the cylinder.

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