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well today was the last day i had toget a few little jobs finished up, i had to replace the left hand side engine mount and fit upper and lower anti vibration washers and thenthe heatshields.

what should have been an hour job ended taking up all day!.

access to the mounting bolt under the manifold is to say a little sparce and getting to the top of the bolt is horrendous as the manifold is in the way!

anyway after taking 30 mins to finally undothem using two spanners i then undid the drivers side mount easily after removing the airfilter box.

with this done the oh and the car being on jack stands already i jacked up the engine enough for me to get the mount out. well itwas completely fubar'd so in popped the other mount and bolted down with the two m10 fixing bolts. when that was there i fitted the upper anti vibration washer which is a rubber and metal sandwich washer. however it wasnt this simple.. oh no.. with my big arse hands trapped in various places and me shouting at every spanner and bolt dropping on my head whilke lying upside down it was short of a blue carry on film.

it took me finally from around 8.45 in the morning until 4 pm to bleed the clutch, remove the old mount and fit the new one with washers and heatshields, clean everything up underneath, top fluids up, re-fit wheels and drop car down.

how did i find the jobs.. well to put it bluntly it bloody well hurt!!! my hands are hurting like hell and bruised and bashed will i do them again.... i bloody well hope not!!!!

now then pictures as i went.. erm.. nope sorry not this time, i had the camera but didnt get chance to take any. sorry about that.

i have checked all the lights work fine and the wiper and the water jets too, only thing is i dont have rubbers on the bloody pedals!!!!!!! so tomorrow i have to find some to go on them!! or thats a failure for me! the tester is really really strict here i used him for my fairlady and he picked at it for ages.

wish me the very best for this one gulp!!!

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Good luck

I always think going for an MOT is like sitting an exam. Someone's marking all you handiwork. Comments like 'could do better', 'good use of por15' wouldn't be unexpected



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Hope it's all gone well si, I am rushing around getting mine ready for an MOT next week, feel like crap as I have a chest infection, and want to get it all done today cuz it's gonna rain for the rest of the weekend.

Good luck mate

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