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Clutch - No pressure with car on

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Hello All.

The clutch was having issues engaging when the car was moving so my mechanic bleed the clutch line as he seem to find air was in the lines. He did use a vacuum pump and there is no more air in the lines and nice stream of clear fluid. When the car if off the clutch has full pressure and can go through all the gears. Soon as we turn on the car the clutch little to no pressure and you cannot engage any of the gears. Turn the car off and within a min the clutch has full pressure again.

Here is a few questions he had:

Is there something else he needs to do or missed? Is it tied with the ABS system? Any switches flags etc? Is the car ODBII? (I think that is what he said)

Any ideas would be much helpful.

Thank you all in advance!

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is there really no pressure in the master/slave system? Or was it only the impression, as the clutch (more exactly the friction plates) does not move on the spline ?


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There's nothing on the engine that will make any difference to pressure in the clutch with the engine running or not. There's a master cylinder, some brake fluid and a slave cylinder. And it's not connected to anything electronic.


If you've already blead the system then problems getting into gear with the engine running are unlikely to be anything other than clutch plates seized on the spline of the primary shaft. This is very common on V8s, unfortunately, and can be as simple as requiring a clean and regrease, or as painful twisted/damaged clutch splines require a new clutch. Either way the box is going to need to be removed to inspect/repair.

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