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Graham Hill Documentary

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What a superb programme. Very well made hour of TV - Not seen this one before. Plenty of Lotus clips from the 60's partnering J.C. Lots of Colin Chapman shots, and the odd comment from Bob Dance who was being interviewed. Even Hazel Chapman came into shot in a scene just before the end.

More television like this please. (notice an hour on Esprits on Men & Motors at 12.55am also tonight)

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Yes what a superb programme with plenty of shots of Colin Chapman and what a decent, humerous human being graham Hill was. I was in stiches at the end when while lying in a hospital bed he said, " 5 darlings will come to rub my bottom"!

Mike Kimberly at the launch of the Lotus Evora,

"These cars will be for the few who know the difference!"

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Graham Hill was one of my first motor racing heroes. His autobiography is well worth a read. Very entertaining.

Shame that his airplane crash left his widow, Bette, penniless as he hadn't kept his flying documentation up to date leaving his estate wide open to law suits.

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Top bloke..shame that the wrong decision cost him and his family so dearly. IIRC, he had a lapsed instrument flying rating and had his car parked at he chose not to divert to Luton or Stansted where he could have used their instrument landing system, albeit with a lapsed rating, to land safely; instead he pressed on to Elstree,a purely visual aerodrome with no too low on his blind approach and hit a tree on the golf course. I kept a light aeroplane at Elstree for several years, and always treated those trees with respect..even an accurate glidepath got you quite close to them. It must have been desperate for Damon to get the news as a newsflash on the television.

I remember when Damon arrived back in the UK with his own World Championship.. Terminal 4 was a bearpit, and I misused my official position to greet him at the aeroplane with another Immigration H.M. Immigration were the first in the UK to congratulate him..the flight crew had let him fly the 747 whilst en route, and the aeroplane bore windscreen stickers saying "Damon" and "Georgie"!!

Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been." - Albert Einstein

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What a guy !

I know we all call the guys who race today 'heros' but these men really did put their balls on the chopping board, I have a lot of respect for the drivers who put on a racing car in those days, Graham Hill was always one of my faves to watch (on DVDs).

A mix of awe, laughs and sadness - great TV

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If you missed this, it's available to UK residents on the BBC iPlayer

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