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I think you're out of luck if you want the original finish, but you can get/ have a red crinkle paint finish.

A company not far from Lotus can powder coat with a different uneven finish, that looks good.

I think the true original finish involved certain chemicals are no longer an option.


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some hardware stores(for gardening, garage work and so on) - in Germany[ or general 'Europe'] offer paint with this effect as an spray-can.


to name the things if I see them, that's what I call integrity..


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you have two options, you can get several cans of vht wrinkle paint in red from frosts uk or you can send them to be done where lotus gets theirs done, here are the details.

frosts: the red wrinkle paint is out of stock at the moment, the product code is P111 look at the bottom and you can see red wrinkle pain out of stock. ring and ask when they will have more in.

lotus plenum coaters just over the road from lotus hq they will coat them in the correct finish that you originally had on there in any colour you want also

Colorcote details are as follows :-


Unit 6

Potash Lane


NR14 8EZ

Tel: 01953 607789

Contact - Roger Goulding

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If you do the job yourself, I can reccomend either sandblasting or at least abrading the surfaces with course glasspaper first.

It will allow the wrinkle paint to key to the aluminium better, and will stop it coming off in big flakes.

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as others have said the wrinkle finish is no longer available .but i am in contact with a company that is developing a new wrinkle paint at the moment but as yet there is no time scale . I have sent them samples of our colour and finish so at least there may be some hope for the future

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To all who responded to my request a big thankyou for all the information given.

I shall follow up in particular the infromation about colorcote as I like originality if possible. All the other suggestions I shall keep in reserve.

Thanks again


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