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We only went and did it...

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I only get to look at LEF every now and then at the moment so I'm running a few days behind everyone else... congratulations to you both, Rog & Sam :)

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"He who dies with the most toys wins..."

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Yipppeeeee! Let's all have a drink!

...while we read the truth... "Quietly, the Esprit sucked them both in. There was nothing they could. They could not go back. Together, they came to know that neither of them could live without the Esprit. The power it had over them was like no other power ever encountered before. They HAD to get married"... Hahaha.... :)


"If you feel that you are in total control of the car, well, your just not driving fast enough". Jimmy Clark

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The hugest of congratulations to you both.......

Dead dead dead chuffed for you both.... Sorry you couldnt make it down the other week, but we'll deffo have to catch up very soon.......!!!

I hope you have a very long and happy future togeather....

Simon & Lisa xxxxx


Chunky Lover

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