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My Little Australian Pal

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Alas the time has come for my little Australian pal to go back to Australia, full of the joys of having been in an Esprit.

Jake said he has enjoyed his time here but the icing was going out in my Esprit and giving me a hand to do the brakes, he is by the way car daft.

The picture says it all, he was quite happy standing out in the rain and asking all sorts of queations like how does that work? what does that do? can I see the engine?

I will send him home with some Lotus stuffand the dvd if I can get a hold of it



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And he'd fit under the dashboard..and around the you rent him out? Sounds like the ideal apprentice, much more use than those tw*ts with "Sir Alan"!!

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That's great! I know I would have been really excited as a kid to help a family member work on a car like that.

I do have to ask though, did you have more than one jack supporting the car up like that? I've seen several cars fall off of jacks, and it just gives me chills watching someone lean into a wheel-well like that without proper support.

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doesn't life any where near Coffs Harbour does he, I could use some help, and it's raining right now, he'd feel at home! By the way I hope you had axle stands under that.


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Not sure were Coffs Harbour is only know they live near Brisbane, as for axle stands I had 1 at the front and one at the back. Jake did ask why use axle stands, I told him to never trust a jack on its own and added extra safety makes working on any car safe. I must remember that he replied........

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Dad always used to try and get me interested in that sort of stuff. As a 7 year old I used to enthusiastically say. "What and get my hands dirty? Are you insane? Go hire a mechanic".

Good memories.....nothings changed except now it's me asking him and getting that response.... :devil:

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