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Wing-mirror fell off

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Finally ... I feel like a "proper" Lotus owner, now that some actually physicall fell off ... the left-hand drivers side mirror.

So I drove home holding the mirror from time to time as I went ... pulled it out and found the internal bracket to be sheared at all three points.

So I played around for a bit ... found the allen key bolt ... managed to un-do the bracket part

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When you say you can't get the mirror out, do you mean out of the "pot metal" bracket, or off of the car completely....because I am sure you know there is a large nut on the inside that requires removal, as well as disconnecting the electrical feed wire. I am not so sure this can be fixed before removing the mirror from the door. Have you looked at the door panel removal guide in the how to's?

Also keep in mind that the mirror may have been meddled with before, and the mirror glass may be held in place with double stick tape, silicone, etc. I talk from experience on TWO cars I have was held with silicone, the other with double stick you may want to move the mirror glass to its furthest right or left position to see if you can get a peek behind to see if it is not held in as designed.

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Couple of threads that may help

Clicky 1

Clicky 2

Edit - are you struggling to undo the mirror locking mechanism?


If so - and assuming the mirror controls are still operational - try using the ^ control to tilt the mirror up so as to gain maximum clearance at the bottom of the unit. Should then be possible to shine a torch beam in the aperture and locate the tab rather more accurately rather than relying on feel alone. Once you've located the locking tab try moving it with the back of a suitably proportioned table knife (instead of the rounded shaft of a screwdriver). If it won't move one way, first try the other... they can and do stick.

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It is this part exactly that I am stuck with ... I can easily see the tab ... and have great access to it ... I tried sliding a pair of needle-nose in, getting decent purchase and trying to wiggle it ... but there is no apparent movement either way.

My figuring is either it's stuck ... it's been "previously repaired."

As for removing the bracket from the door ... it's sheared so it's a moot point B)

Any recommendations on freeing this without busting the mirror up ?? I was considering soaking the whole thing in silicon lubricant just in case that might have a positive effect, as it's not going to damage anything.

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Perhaps the picture can give you some insights.


The way the mirror is build up is as follows: Mirrorglass - double side adhesive tape - heating element - double sided adhesive tape - black bracket.

Yellow arrow - Locking Tab

Blue arrows - Locking Holes

Red arrows - Modification I made i.e. two component glue in order to prevent the sliding down of the mirror resulting in an inability to operate the locking tab. This happenend on my car.

The locking mechanism is a plasting ring in the circular part of the black bracket which is open on the side were the tape is. On my car the double sided adhesive tape prevented the rotation of the ring. Removal took a lot of patience and wiggling. When all was off I made the red arrow modification (remove the tape first in the area's taking care of not damaging the heating element) afterwhich I put some silicone spray grease to the rotating part in order to prevent sticking to the tape.

I hope this information can help you out.


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As a little update ... with a sprak of divine inspiration ... I tried removing the passenger side (right side) mirror .. it came off seemlessy!

Back to the drivers side, I soaked it in lubricant ... and now the tab appears to move freely ... I still cannot get the mirror off however, and it feels like the whole mechanism is still moving when I gently pry it .... maybe a little more lube of the weekend will get it off (ooh err!!)

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Finally got it off !!!

As suspected ... the back of the mirror had been covered ... slathered more like ... in some sort of adhesive, which caused the backing to stick firm to the bar across the housing!

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Just got my brackets in today ... I ordered 4x from a Citroen so I could do both mirrors (rhs preventative maintenance) and have a set of spares.

Two of the four are the same design as the one that came out ... the other two do not have the 'tripod' section but are a single piece ... seem sturdier and also heavier ... going to through those on as they seem a touch more durable.

Thanks for all the help guys!

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