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Hi Jon.

I am after the flanges off of an old exhaust ( the triangular flange that bolts upto the turbo.)

have you got your old ones i could buy


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you probably dropped 40lbs off the back of your

You could cut the top coil off of the rear spring to drop it a bit...

Lets see some pictures I just had a custom exhaust built for my car, the fellow is finishing the welding and putting on the O2 sensors bungs, all six. He made up some 3" tips and rolled the ends in and polished them up...should have it back and on by the weekend, will post pictures.

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Hi Alan,

Call Dave at Powerspeed, he has or very soon will have a pair of cats he made for me last year. My workshop is sending them back to let Dave replace the bits you are after with stainless items. There was a mistake during manufacture of my cats which meant he used the original flanges in error and is going to replace them in SS. If you tell him I said you could have the old flanges you are welcome to them or you might even be able to get a pair in SS for not much money.

Unit 3 Paddocks Farm

Bethersden Road


Nr Ashford

Kent TN26 1EP

Tel: 01233-662225

Fax: 01233-620889

Email: [email protected]


-Chris Weeden

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does anyone of you guys have an functional tubular steel-manifold for each bank on the engine ?! The cast steel type does not look flexible enough for all the stresses on them.

..And this could be the best upgrade if an stainless exhaust system is already fitted.. .


to name the things if I see them, that's what I call integrity..


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Hi G

1996 Esprit V8, 1998 Esprit V8 GT, 1999 Esprit S350 #002 (Esprit GT1 replica project), 1996 Esprit V8 GT1 (chassis 114-001), 1992 Lotus Omega (927E), 1999 Esprit V8SE, 1999 Esprit S350 #032, 1995 Esprit S4s, 1999 Esprit V8 GT (ex-5th Gear project), 1999 Esprit V8SE ('02 rear)

1999 S350 #002 Esprit GT1 replica

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It would be great if we could rearrange the whole system. The turbos get an separate mounting/fixing to relocate the position a bit far away from the actual one [maybe next to the clutch housing/bell housing area] (with much more room to fit bigger compression/turbine sizes) . And a tubular distance section made from more flexible steel does a bit of equalizing the vibrations from the engine/road..

Edited by G


to name the things if I see them, that's what I call integrity..


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what sort of exit have you gone for and how does it sound??


Hi All sorry for the delay in replying

Took the car out for a run down to Rye with the SELOC crowd (16 Elises- Exeges + me). Very good respons from the cars behind with regards to the noise she makes. Not to loud on idle but a nice deep rasp when under load i will post some pics of the system over the weekend if i get the chance. The system looks standard with regards to the exit points ie left & right exits with crome tails by Megaflow.

Cheers Jon.

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