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strange idle problem, whats the electric bit on the carbs near the bulk head? - Engine/Ancilliaries - The Lotus Forums Jump to content

strange idle problem, whats the electric bit on the carbs near the bulk head?

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Sorry for all the questions, im on my week off so trying to get a few jobs out of the way

On my 1988 n/a the idle will stick at 2000rpm. Sometimes it will drop to 800 then stick back again. It seems on return of the butterflies they get stuck on their way back.. When you hear a click the revs go back to normal

The click sound seems to come from a round tube with two wires going to it (like an old camera film tube) At the end of the linkage.When the linkagereturns it hits this and it is this that makes the clicking noise. Does anyone know what this is and what it does?

thanks again

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It's the throttle jack, I'm guessing. Mine was disconnected when I got the car, and it runs fine without it. Pop the wires off of yours and see how it idles.

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I call it an idle up soloniod, I think the idea is to keep the revs up on cold start untill a certain temperature is reached. It uses a plunger to open the throttle butterflies. I took the whole unit off, it doesn't get that cold over here.


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Got the same Gismo on mine. I left it on when I put the HC engine in. From what I recall it does as whats been said & ups the revs when the AC, if fitted, is switched on. I left mine disconnected and seams to run fine with out.


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