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I took her out for a test drive today and a stone hit the windshield and it just split into a large spyder crack! Go figure I get her running well and almost ready to show and her windshield breaks!!!!!!!!!! :) Now I am thinking I may be able to get my insurance to cover it, but first I need to figure out where the heck to get one in the US. I suppose I could get one from a Lotus dealer, but they charge 150% over wholesale so I would rather find a glass supplier that has some.



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I replaced a windscreen in my wifes volkswagen not long ago and was suprised when the mobile installer said that they get absolutely everything out of China as cheap as chips!

I laughed at him and said yeah, but not one of htose, pointing at the Lotus...

No worries he said, tehy do anything.

with this in mind i would think that you can get one made locally over there in the US

We do not have the poplulation here to have that sort of manufacturing cheap enough, hence china does all of ours, but there are 30 times more people of there, I would try your local Glass man...



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Check with these guys, they supposedly had a few in stock.

ProSource Glass International

Andover, MA 01810

Tel: 877-345-2800 Toll Free US

Here's another that owners have used in years past but not sure if they're still around or

possibly bought out by the company above.

Lo-Can Glass International

64 Cummings Park

Woburn, MA 01801

Phone: 800-345-9595 Fax: 781-935-6530

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I think I managed to find one from a local supplier, but he wants $1400 installed!!! Luckily my insurance covers all but $500 so I will probably go with him if he can indeed get an Esprit windshield.

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Periodically I've seen some windscreens for sale on E-bay. You might want to keep you eyes open and check from time to time. If I recall correctly I think the asking price was a little over $500. Good luck!

Just added. There is a used windscreen for sale currently on E-bay. Its for a G-esprit (1985 I think) but its possible that it is the same on the Steven's model. I don't know. The auction number is 280233267546.

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Of course a windscreen shows up on ebay right after I schedule my car to go in for a windscreen replacement. The insurance is going to cover everything but $500 so I guess it won't be to bad.

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