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neil e

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hi all

battery light came up on dash, and just as i arrived on the drive the car conked. (there is a god after all )lol.

so its off the bell and colvill this sat to be sorted.

Just out of intrest any ideas the cost of a new alternator from them ?

And what car if any is it from ?



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see cross-reference section 'Cadillac' or what that was.. .

It's "refreshable" with Bosh-parts (as mine is also not in stock version -was overhauled by an Bosch-shop )

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to name the things if I see them, that's what I call integrity..


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thanks guys for your help

I will be having a butchers and c if I can sort it this week.

Is it a pain in the bum to change one of these or a simple task with few tools. I.e troly jack and socket set. ?

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some say the do have trouble with it, but i would say -drink a cup of coffee (or two) to get in attention, think about what you want to do -and start !

B) no panic !


to name the things if I see them, that's what I call integrity..


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Well after a bit of poking about trying to get to it i gave up. :devil: I know Jap cars are a no no on here but god is my old Supra a doddle to work on by comparison. lol.

So of it went to bell and colvill. To be honest I didnt think it would make it as the speedo was reading 180mph at times, wish i had a camera lol. and 0mph at times. The rev counter was all over the place, abs light was on and it was running like a pig hanging back and on the point of cutting out. I had charged the battery up for a long time before I went but it seems it was being drained rather quickly.

Well all is sorted the original alternator was totally shot, so a new one was fitted. The bonnet catches adjusted and the car given the all clear.

Driving the car home was a total joy and despite my mastercard going a bit soft as it was quite hot it was money well spent.

All I got to do now is save up for the B service and belt change. :lol: .

Thanks guys for all your help


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