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Rebuilding oil pump: need help..

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Hi Boys,

Just joined the forum, 90 SE living in France... hello to everyone...

I am trying to solve a problem of low engine oil pressure at idle (mostly). At the moment I am looking at rebuilding the oil pump.

I ordered a new rotor and annulus. I have the pump housing on the bench... looking stupid because I just can't manage to remove the rotor/pump from the auxiliary shaft ! There is that circlip at the end of the shaft... so I removed it, then pulled by hand on it, thinking/hoping it would/should come off fairly easily... but it doesn't !

Looking at the parts list, there doesn't seem to be much mystery to it, just the circlip.

I tried hitting the shaft with a rubber mallet, but it wouldn't move at all.

So, I welcome any help/suggestion/feedback from people who have actually managed to do it !

Thanks a bunch in advance,




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I rebuilt mine last year when I rebuilt & put in a HC engine in my S3 turbo, Check out in restro section, 'S3 turbo HC engine conversion'. I think its now moved to second page. lots of photos on there as well to help you. Sorry no link as I can't get to work at moment, must be as I am using an internet cafe.

Hope this helps


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