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Front hub torque?

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Check out Kato's guide on LEW for the 4 pot Hispec front brake kit here that gives you the info you need. According to Lotus you are mean't to use a spring balance to get the right torque, but in practise this is quite difficult and it's better to tighten it up by hand with a big socket and see how it feels.

Martyn :lol:

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Well it shouldn't work loose as it's got a cotter pin / cover holding it in place. Also worth makring the nut to see where it is and was when you re-tighten it, and seeing if there is infact any play in the bearings, you might wanna ahve them replaced becuase as I say the nut dont move once it's in there so play in the hub can only be worn bearings !

This is how I did mine :

Backed the nut off and then held the disk and wound it into 30nm -whilst- rotating the hub - you probably wont see any benefit from this but it basically aligns the bearings which are probably already in place and wont move anyways.

Then backed it up until I could undo it by hand then then tightened by hand only holding onto the socket - again keep turning it if you can.

The idea is if the nut is too tight the bearings are squashed togehter and will glow hot, then melt when you drive the car. If they are too slack they will play and you'll get un-even wear and all sorts.

What you need to to is gauage what you think a grease backed bearing feels like when it's correct and being spun. It should offer only frictional resistnace to you trying to spin the hub but not so muh as that it is hard to do so - if you can use your litte finger to do it you're about right, if you can whip the hub around it should rotate on it's own for about 2 turns.

Remember the brakes might be affecting this so make sure the whole lot turns freely.

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Bear in mind that wheels bearings are generally fitted with no pre-load and often with a small amount clearance, so it is not necessarily bad, and could be normal, to detect a small amount of play if you grip the wheel top and bottom and attempt to rock it (whilst jacked up) - cheers Steve

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Thanks John, I will be checking this out tomorow. I priced the bearings at Lotus; IIRC inner, outer and seal comes to more than

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I have heard a rythmic "chafing" noise on this corner for a while now. It happens after releasing the brakes when travelling slowly (almost always on an upramp when exiting a motorway). It coincided with me fitting some new pads and discs, and I thought it was maybe a sticky piston or pad. However when I parked up next to formatc's identical GT3 at our inauragal northern meet I noticed mine looked a bit strange with noticeable "positive" camber on turn in. It was only after the MOT later that week that it all clicked into place (doh!). Good idea about the seal,

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Hello, this is what I put in the x-reference list after replacing the front bearings in my 1990 SE (I used SKF bearings):

Front Wheel Bearings:

A089C8005F (Outer bearing) SKF bearing LM 11949/910/Q (Cup is LM11910/Q and Cone is LM11949/Q)

A089C8004F (Inner bearing) SKF bearing LM 67048/010/Q (Cup is LM67010/Q and Cone is LM67048/Q)

The seal has an outer diameter of 62mm, the inner diameter is 48 mm and the thickness is 7 mm. I used one with an additional dustlip. I fitted the bearings in my 1990 SE and the price was around 80 Euro for a whole set (2 Front wheels) including the 2 seals.


Esprit Freak

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1985 through 2004 Esprits all use the same front bearings and seals, regardless of the brake or hub type.

??SJS list them separately for some reason?? Looking at the parts list you are right;

Pre Brembo & post Brembo A089C8004F & A089C8005F (& seal A089C8003F)

Worth a phone call tomorrow, thanks Sanj and freek.

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