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Reinstalling Coolant tank - lousy lotus design!

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Venting here:

My current project is refurbishing the chargecooler/main coolant tanks on my 91SE....I managed with a lot of difficulty to remove the expansion tanks....that's a piece of cake compared to trying to get it on!

What was the brilliant Lotus design engineer thinking when he said I'll put all the entire electrical wiring harness next to the 3 10mm nuts holding the charge cooler tanks? For increased difficulty we'll make sure everything goes through one small slot and put a big fiberglass ridge so normal wrenches can't reach. To make it really hard I'll make the boot floor one large fiberglass piece so you won't be able to move it around easily and to make sure potential electric gremlins crop up later I'll put the relay and critical fuses in the fiberglass boot floor...the wiring harness of course will get flexed as someone struggles to get at the bolts.

This is the stupidest design I've ever seen...I want to take a large saw a cut out the relay box so it can at least sit in the trunk while I remove the rest of the floor. I know in the S4 has a revised wiring harness that puts the relay on the side...but that doesnt help me one bit.

I'm apprehensive about removing the wiring harness because there seems to be little room to unbolt the wiring harness/connectors and even smaller room to fish the connectors through the small slot/opening. Am I being overly cautious here? How hard is it to remove these connections?

Do your really need to remove the wiring harness/boot trunk just to remove the expansion tanks?

btw - Who was the brilliant lotus engineer who decided to build coolant expansion tanks out of steel? Must be the same guy who put foam under the gas tanks!

Any hints appreciated....I've had a very fustrating day!




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Wow ..................... I am not alone. My 83 Esprit gives me the same pain (pleasure) as this all the time. I tend to think that the Lotus marque is really intended to train the next generation of homegrown engineers.


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All part of the fun of owning a Lotus :lol:

I've done it both ways.. with and without removing the boot floor.

Without, you need bizarre tooling and double-jointed wrists and long skinny fingers (you still end up with skinned knuckles and fibreglass rash, though).

Taking the boot floor out is just time consuming. If you still have your Exhaust Back Pressure Valve, be sure to remove the vacuum tube from the valve before you pull up on the boot floor or you might end up snapping the tube (I found it quite difficult to find a replacement tube...and the official Lotus one is ridiculously expensive. Feeding the harnesses through is not difficult. It's figuring out how to disconnect them that's the hard part. Each one seems to have a different latch/clip. Count them when you take them off, or you may miss one. Watch out for unused harnesses! (you go nuts trying to figure out where they go)

Beware: removing the boot floor might reveal more problems. I found a broken gearbox mount, gear linkages severely out of adjustment and lots of other interesting stuff. My boot floor was stuck down with sealant, but it wasn't difficult to remove. I didn't bother resealing it (with sealant), just put a self-adhesive foam rubber seal around the edges (you may need 2~3 rolls). It didn't stick too well in places because the heatshield was flaking off. I had to put aluminium tape around the edges of the boot floor, then apply the seal.

Hope this helps.



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I cut my boot floor in half as it was a pain in one bit.

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Professionals built the Titanic

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