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Assulted at school

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Mike, very sorry to hear your news and sympathise with your family,

Speaking as an educator i feel that your child's school has let you down if the facts are as you report..which i'm sure is unquestionable.

I also think teachers are powerless in some respects.

However, these incidents do go on and you don't need to look too far outside of the school environment to see it going on every day in all facets of life. Grown men and women resorting to physical violence as a resolution to their 'problems' is not uncommon. Bullying, to be fair is nothing's how it is dealt with in school that matters immediately to you and your daughter.

Whilst this is distressing and 'blame' lies somewhere, i think the governers, parents and the policymakers of your daughter's school need to re-assess their thinking in terms of how matters of this nature are handled.

Trust me, the acorn doesn't usually fall too far from the tree...when it comes to 'parents' and their offspring's behaviour; and it is these parents in my opinion who are accountable as much as indeed the teachers are.

I wish you well and hope that if i can be of any help you won't hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Roger Perry

2009 World Singstar Champion

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We too belive its down to the perents .Iknow i keep saying it .But thanks for All your replies.Some very good points raised by everbody.My wife is still on the case.Also the most important thing is Claudia feels better .After a rough night.Also thanks to those people that have sent pms to claudia.Iwill try and get to more meets etc it would be great to meet you all.Thanks Mike and family

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I can't be much help I'm afraid, my daughter was bullied when she was at preschool, I told her to hit him back, ultimately she did, a good one by all accounts, my daughter could not understand why neither of the 2 teachers present saw a thing? He wasn't about to admit it was a girl who bloodied his nose!

Not the best solution, and not always possible or practicle, I wish you a good outcome in your instance.


Life is like a sewer, what you get out of it, depends on what you put into it. (Tom Leahrer)

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Alas around the rim of every toilet you tend to find scum...

I was a portly kid at school and was bullied and even bullied myself such as is the viscous and destructive circle it creates. You get bullyed and look to bully to try and not be the lowest denominator. Now we're going back 20yrs+ when thre was a lot of school gang problems in comps. :whistle:

When I left school I studied martial arts to channel my own aggression and frustration to how I was treated and also to defend myself. Needless to say if I see any form of bullying then I usually get involved pretty dam quick whether its an assault on the street. Fear is a terrible thing but as a society we collectively allow it to breed from the acorn up. I'm happy to say I've not been involved in any physical situations outside of a dojoor boxing club. Not to say violence is a solution but the mental and physical condition it bring can help a child become more confortable and less of a 'target'.

Awfully sorry to hear what has happened - I'd def suggest get the facts - was it a fight - is the other child a trouble maker.. questions to ask before potentially sending them down a path. A good school will investigate - if its asault and bullying then they need to act. If its a fight that got out of hand then maybe there are other options.

It's alive.. alive!!!..


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Thanks for all your replies .Yes the scum bag girl is a trouble maker.The wife and i are not happy with the way the school has delt with this terrible incident.Claudia went back today .The sports teatcher Mrs Whatever shes called .Had no sympaphyfor Claudia at all.This assult took place in the changing room .Melanie my wife phoned from work this evening.Still keen to home tutor Claudia i must be honest i agree with her .I will update you all tommorow.Thanks for all your input .You are a good bunch Mike

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Hello Mike,

Very sorry to hear about the incident with your daughter. Although I don't have any children, I can imagine how angry you must feel that someone would do this and that it's being handled so poorly.

There's always been bullying, but in the past there were consequences and these days the bullies know (or think) they can do whatever they want and they won't have to suffer for it. A few months ago there was a well publicized incident here where a girl was lured by her "friends" into a house and about a six other girls beat her unconscious and damaged her hearing. Plus, they put the video on Youtube!

For your daughter's sake, I hope you are able to bring the bully to justice.



All Cows Eat Grass

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