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Well, I am ready to work on the exterior. Nothing really too bad, but at 22 years old, and some time under the Florida sun, by a previous owner, it faded a bit.

The finish is really glossy. The only problem is that the red exterior paint faded a bit toward a pinkish hue. You can't notice it in the garage, only direct sunlight.

I wont repaint it-it's not bad enough for that. I am doubting if a polishing compound will do anything. In fact, it might make things worse.

Anyone have any experience with this?



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Hi mark!

Nice to see you are in a more postive mood!!! I am really glad to hear you got your car up and running!

I suppose the only way that cutting compounds are going to work is to find out if your car has been lacquered. The best way to tell if you can't visually is to try some 1200grit wet and dry. Dip it in water then very lightly rub a descrete area- if the wet and dry goes red then no lacquer and so cutting compound will work! If it goes white or no colour the lacquer has been used and a respray is required!

I hope the former applies

Best wishes



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I'd wait a while and swap with Kimbers' Stevens... :lol: calypso red is still strong in colour, no fading at all! The good English sun must have conservated the colour... :baby:

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It is usualy the pigment in the base coat (the red) that fades. Polishing up the laquer/clear coat will do very little. Sorry but true. It is one of the biggest reasons I have never had a red car. The problem becomes more promenant when you repair a panel even if it looks good in daylight under street lamps it can look completely different.

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My cars a lovely lustered red but living outside through all weathers means I have to keep a nice layer of UV paint protection at all times.

My worry is I'm considering a partial front end respray and that it looks different after it's finished.

Possibly save your life. Check out this website.


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The lacquer is a clear coat finish and you don't want to sand through it or you'll create more problems. Wet sanding and buffing is not for the faint of heart

Take it to a top notch detail guy or auto body shop and pay them a hundred or two to buff it out and you will be amazed at the difference.

1995 S4s

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Try hiring a Mop (electric buffer! its like an angle grinder with a soft cussioned head) from a good tool hire shop - it won't cost much for a weekend! Then start with some G3 cutting compound (its more aggressive than T-Cut you may want to start with a medium cutting compound and then go over with very fine to take the whispy marks out of the paint!

two words of caution though!

1) Keep the mop wet! let it dry out and you will burn the paint lraving a worse mess than you have now!

2) Keep the mop moving, don't stay in one place for too long, go back to it later - you don't want to go through to the primer/gel coat now do you!

But that said it really isn'y too hard to do and it will be alot cheaper than getting someone else to do it and you get an amazing sence of achievement when you see the results!

Go on be brave!



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