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Water Not Circulating

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Further to my previous post (re: rad fans staying on,) I completely reflushed my cooling system again. this time with the heater in the hot position. I am alas still left with the same situation as last time, with the nearside radiator output hose being cold, and the offside imput otter switch hose/pipe being hot!! I spent quite some time flushing all the hoses and the radiator with a hose pipe before filling again with no restrictions evident at all. But no matter how many times I have bled the system, the radiator output hose still remains cold, consequently the rad fans remain on when the activation temp is reached, they then dont switch off at all. (Obviouslybecause there seems to be no circulation of cooler water going past the otter switch.) Only when I switch the engine off and wait one to two minutes for the coolant to lower in temp do they eventually turn off. the strange thing is that the temp gauge reaches the normal reading and does not fluctuate at all. You would think if there was a blockage, or poor circulation, or a jammed shut thermostat this would cause the car to overheat, but even taking the car on a long run,the gauge does'nt rise above normal. What do you think is the reason for this problem? Do you think I have a dodgy thermostat?

Forgot to mention i have ruled out the water pump as there is a large propulsion of coolant ejecting from the header tank return hose when the engine is reved

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When you do the hot bleed of the radiator, and undo the bleed screw under the cover by the nearside wheel arch under the bonnet, what happens? Do you get gouts of hot water streaming out and scalding your hand, or does nothing happen? I assume you have found the bleed screw..if not, you may have found the problem! If you get water coming out, then the flow from the engine to the output side of the radiator should be OK. If the thermostat was stuck, the input hose to the radiator wouldn't get hot and the fans wouldn't activate.

This is one of those wierdies.....!

Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been." - Albert Einstein

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Hi mate,

When the bleed screw is released water is gushing out, but it is only warm, (warmer than the output hose though) but the imput hose is almost too hot to touch. its almost like the water is not circulating through the radiator. Which way does the water pump make the coolant flow?

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