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Pop-up headlamps won't come down

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ok, I washed my car very good today.

well, I might have rinse it with excess level of water.

and I just learn that I don't have a Fuse Box cover for the fuses/relays in the front compartment.

after I finished washing my car, I parked it and went to dinner.

one of the headlamps stays up!

I pushed the parking light and main beam switches and both went down.

at this point, I was already thinking something to do with water..

anyway, after dinner, I drove it to my friend's house to pick up the Freescan.

I reset the ECU and let it learn again, taking the long road (highway to international airport, fuel up the tank with V-Power and back)

All data are excellent, I am very happy!

after I returned to my friend's house (50 minutes later)

the headlamps just stay open....

well, I am tired, so I parked the car at the garage at 2am and left the headlamps open (the lights are off)

funny thing is that I can turn on/off the parking light and the main beam without the ignition key. (no key at key hole)

so I really dont know what I had done to the car.

but since the problem is the headlamp motors (fuse #25/ #26 after I read the menu at home)

so I think I will check these fuse after work tomorrow.

for the fuse box cover, can someone show me a photo how it may look like?

I really need to purchase this to avoid a disaster.

thank you

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oh....can someone tell me where is the

HEADLAMP LIFT CONTROL MODULE ? (what is the no. in the owner's menu *page 53-56)

POD DELAY MODULE (Ok, I find this as "K" in the owner's menu *page 54/55)

I have cleaned "K" module and fixed the left headlamp.

the right headlamp stays up, but I don't see a module called HEADLAMP LIFT CONTROL MODULE

in the owner's menu... (but SJ Sportscar part list has this component)

appreciate anyone who can me on this!


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Yeah, it notmally doesn't pack up it will just need the plugs taking out and cleaning up and then reinserting

I have the same problem as you I just havn't got round to sorting it yet.

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thank you, mangel.

oh, boy!

I went to the car park this afternoon, and was able to locate this module.

however, it is installed with 2 screws, and I did not have a screw driver with me!!

what a waste of time!

I will return to the car park after dinner and try to sort things out again.

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thank you, mangel.

good thing I called my mechanic this morning.

he suggests me to turn the headlamp motor before checking the module.

so I returned to the car, turned the motor to make the right headlamp to return to original position.

then I press the "main beam" button. Both lights pop up!

I turned off the lights, both lights go down! IT IS WORKING!

I tested the lights few more times, Everything is fine!

thank you, everyone!

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