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Just Bought This Great New Album Thread......


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Hi All,

heard a cracking dance tune on an advert about 3 weeks ago and could not track it down, then by chance on Dick and Doms radio show they played it. It was Insomnia by Faithless. Some reckon this is the Daddy of club tracks. So I went online and bought their greatest hits album.

It arrived today and its cool.

Here is the track I was on about on U-tube. CLICKY

Oh and the key board player is hot!


Anyone else just got a new album they want to Rave about. Please dont add you favourites, this is for I just got this music and its cool ONLY!


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top top album for driving, they ise pretty much all the music from cd2 on top gear for the supercars.

Rob Dougan - Furious Angels

Oceans_Thirteen-sound track album, absolutley pure old school sounding cannonball/gumball music

and to top it off, cos its bloody fantastic to listen to

gumball 3000 the soundtrack cd.

listen to track 16 then try and take you foot off the throttle while its playing really loudly!!!!

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sorry alex played the video until the guy opened his mouth and then deleted...just not my cup of tea

proper dance music Asymuth _ Light as a Feather

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Holy cow thank god I have only ever heard that faithless track on cd. Has nobody ever told him to sing in tune for at least a bit of it! :lol:

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Alex, where have you been man? Insomnia must be at least 5-10 years old! Saw these boys & girls in St Petersburg a couple of years ago (complete with caviar munchies in the break) . Great sound but pretty one dimentional in my opinion. Currently on my MP3 - 50 Foot Hose with 'Cauldron' I just love 60's Psychedelia, Not everyone's bag of course.....

Cheers Steve - Weather too crap to enjoy Lotus today :lol:

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Now I'm a bit of a classic 70's rock man (Zeppelin, Purple, Sabbath AC/DC etc) and I've never managed to get on with later rock stuff, and as for the latest thrash and death metal, horrendous! However coincidentally yesterday a mate played me "Kill The King" by Megadeth (not the same as the Rainbow version) and Oh My God fantastic track.

I've always hated Megadeth as just another tuneless thrashy metal band, but this ones certainly made me rethink. Just gone on iTunes and downloaded it.

Not an album but posted anyway because it gave me the feeling you describe Alex.




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I often come to music or films long after its happened. Anything with hype turns me off. For example whilst Friends ran for years I never watched one show. When they split, and finished I watched one and quite enjoyed it and will watch them now.

Its great when you get your own feeling of discovering a sound or album.

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