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On 14/08/2017 at 13:55, Jacques said:

Hi Liam,

Those Wheels are handmade by the Zentis Company. They have done these and many other Wheels for a number of years. They are quite expensive and a bit rare.

They are really light and super stiff, so they accelerate immediately. No Flex, no nothing. Mine are the Kappa 2 CC version. The CC designates competition.

I use it for normal cross country paths. The total weight of my Scott mtb is 7,3 Kilo. For example the brake discs are pure carbon too. Last extremely well and brakes well too. Very modular and easy to control. I use Formula R1 brakes. All titanium screws throughout. PLus some parts from Danish New Ultimate. I also inserted Danish Ceramic Speed bearings. Pedals are titanium too. Tehy are very easy to use as you can step in on all 4 sides. And they throw away mud etc.

Which is the same as my Litespeed Classic titanium road racer.

Yeah, never quite understood shimano. Much prefer Campagnolo.

Kind regards,


Hello Jacques, 


sorry for the extremely delayed reply ?.  I’ve never had the pleasure of using Campagnolo but I’m not a big Shimano but I do like SRAM?  I’d love a properly light XC bike but only got my enduro last year. So it’ll be a while if ever. I haven’t actually been out on a bike for over a month now.  I really need to get out soon.  

I’ll respond faster this time ?

I hope your still getting to ride plenty 


Currently drive a Vauxhall ( first car ) One day it'll be a Lotus 

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Hi Liam,

No worries ;)

On my mtb hardtail, I use SRAM XX1 11 speed since it came on the market. I am now Building a new bike Again (300 grams lighter and even stiffer), and it will have the XX1 12 speed series (in gold and Black). I managed to source one of 300 Nino Schurter World chanpion series DT Swiss front forks, the Formula R1R special version brakes and then some ;) It will be as good as my present bike, just 27,5" Wheels and frame. I tried 29" wheels and really dislike them They can't steer and accelerate so slow. Don't need that. And it makes the bike top heavy and out of balance. And my coming mtb will be 300 grams lighter. so just under 7 kilo complete, without being fragile at all. Of course it a hardtail and a fast track bike, and as such it does not support high jumps etc, but it doesn't matter at all, as I am 50, drives fast and don't want to break any more bones. There's plenty of challanges in driving fast on my race bikes and the Lotus Esprit plus my old Laverda SFC1000 motorcycle. And then I do some mountaineering as well. This autoum goes to Mountains and caves in Kaukasus in Georgia near Russia. Never been there, so very exiting.

Fullies don't speak to me, so I avoid those.

That XX1 shifts sooooo well, and a little loud but super secure and it NEVER drops a chain, which Shimanos new 11 speed series does (still). The shift actuation itself is super light and supercrisp and does not go out of tune. And it's hyper easy to clean after having been at the trails with mud up to the neck ;)

And it is so much better made than the newest xt or xtr. The only xt and xtr worth having are old 8 and 9 speed series from years back. But they are obsolete now.

Btw. I spelled it wrong last time. The Wheels are spelled Xentis Kappa 2 CC.

So if we talk offroad bicycling, I strongly suggest you to splash out for an xx1 series. It performs so good and is really light. And btw the new shimano 11 speed series breaks it's chain relatively easy. XX1? Nope, and it's stainless!!! And lighter...

And btw. Sram's shifter grips on their road bikes are made fromCampagnolo design ;) That's why they Work. But for a roadbike, I'll always and only get Campagnolo. I fully agree with CR8.... on this. I too had Campagnolo Record since being 13, now 50 y.o.

kind regards,


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Nobody does it better - than Lotus ;)

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