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SS Exhaust questions

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just received a quote for an SS exhaust manifold (only) from a UK specialist.

I asked for a exact copy of mine (original) because I don't want to have any issues with the space problem of the various system available.

Well, the price is 1050 :shock:GBP + VAT....!! :whistle::X

so, I will try to have ceramic coated the original...

By the way, what is the differences from NA LC and HC manifold?

I have seen on SJ catalogue that are different unit, anyone knows what is different?

The differences about S2/S3 models are because the chassis it's not the same?

The previous owner of my car has installed a full SS system and the code of the part is for the S2 model (SJ) but I have a S2.2 so 912 engine, so the same as S3.

I'm a little confused...

any help?



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Gorgio, you have to use the exhaust for a S2 because it have the same chassis as your car. An S3 wouldn't fit. And the difference between and NA LC and HC on the manifold is that the HC has an angular form.



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