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Electric chargecooler pump installations

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Aye. I've put the order in to a friend who has an engineering firm (currently on lockdown due to CV19 so twiddling his thumbs) for a blanking plug. I refuse to pay £40 plus postage for one when a bottle of red will suffice ;) . Ordered a Bosch 0392022002 pump which is the one used on the supercharged cobra so should be more than adequate. Need a few feet of hose to make good the circuit and Roberts your Dads brother!

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BEST ELECTRIC CHARGECOOLER PUMPS I have compiled different pump characteristics into one. Here they are in order of performance:   1. Pierburg CWA100,  3.2 lbs 2. Pierburg CWA

Just a quick point to add.  I bought the blanking plug from JAE, got it quick but it was expensive (about $85).  I thought about it later and the more economical option would be to remove the shaft fr

Some folks insist, that because of the higher coolant flow velocity (if one use a larger pump), the heat transfer in the radiator or charge-cooler is smaller, because "the heat does not have enough ti

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3 hours ago, Clarky5150 said:

OK, mech pump removed and was absolutely fubar!


Hard to imagine that thing was actually turning.

I reckon your whole charge cooler system could do with a flush/clean out. The charge cooler and especially the rads may well be in the same state.


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Both correct. The insert was turning free and the whole system was gently flushed today. The vanes inside the charge cooler itself were very clean so I can only assume the crud in the pump was a result of stagnation and heat transference at that point. All required items now ordered and en route. Hopefully the whole system will be installed, primed and functioning in no time.

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I'm certain of that Barry. When I drove her through the 2018/19 Winter I was always surprised how well she performed on cold crisp days. 

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On 25/03/2020 at 13:05, Clarky5150 said:

 Ordered a Bosch 0392022002 pump which is the one used on the supercharged cobra so should be more than adequate.

Bosch 002 pump is pretty weak (low pressure pump). If you necessarily want to stick w/Bosch brand, then use 010 pump. Price is not prohibitivePumpCharacteristics130421-page-2.jpg.861a336a9997cc74343e3260fa6f19a3.jpg


Here is the performance diagram



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Unless the curve from the original engine-driven pump is plotted on the chart, there’s no meaningful comparison to be made whatsoever.

Margate Exotics.

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Agreed Ian. I'm more than happy that the same pump is used as OEM for several charge cooled motors that are of bigger capacity and much higher HP.

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