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facelift for the new Lotus Esprit


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... just some thoughts about a facelift for the upcoming Lotus Esprit ;):mellow:


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'76 lotus esprit s1 - monaco white ... '11 lotus evora na - aspen white Posted Image
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You've got skills, but can we dispense with the Gallardo rip-offs??? It looks really, really nice though.

Luke Colorado, Super Spy.   -  Lotus Owner No Longer

1987 Zender Widebody 560SEC | 1994 Lotus Esprit S4 | 2013 Honda Fit EV (#269)

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Hmmm.... Good pic ;) But I still think straight edges are the future. Whether or not Lotus do is another question though.

In my book: If you want curves buy a chuffing Jaguar! Or any of the millions of other cars that go for the curvy look.

I think it's a shame they've gone down the road of shaving off hard edges like in the Guigaro > Stevens > Thompson transititions. But who knows what they'll do next... I just hope it's something original rather than a hybrid lovechild of a Gallardo and a 02 Esprit (= NSX!).


EspritMiltonKeynes - ironically now lives in Edinburgh London (SE4)

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Wolf, you already have the best looking of ALL the Esprits :(

My Turbo Esprit is almost as good looking :)

I seriously doubt Lotus is going to come up with anything better :rolleyes:

Just look at how the Stevens cars turned out :D

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Oh, I like to think it will.

But anyway - I'm just so glad to hear that the younger generation (James in this case) sees the virtues of not rounding off all edges to create a character-less pulp. Take my Volvo 740 Turbo - sharp, crisp, and back in style any day now! :o

All this time, I was right all along. B)


15407iq.jpgProud member of The Fearless Red Squadron

Better living through turbocharging!

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