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Chargecooler Pump ,broken Housing,hate car!

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S1's are silly fun but the S2 is a lot better to live with imo - the cheapest is the 2001 S2 which was the VVT K series instead of the honda, 156BHP iirc - thats the one I would have on a budget not the standard car.

I think you're getting your Lizzies mixed up a bit there, Jon. The 2001 S2 was released as a boggo K series with 120 bhp (the extra 2 bhp came from a Lotus ECU), the VVC with 156 bhp wasn't until the 2003 MY.

Honda lumps only get plopped into Elises as an aftermarket engine swap, the current cars use Toyota engines which first appeared in early 2004 and there is now an entry level 'Yota Liz with 134 bhp and the original zoomy one with 189 bhp - not forgetting the supercharged Toyota cars, too....

And I thought the Esprit model line-up was confusing! <_<

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Sorry it's the 02 car :

I drove a few of them before I bought the SE/GT2 very nice, a bit revvy like the Esprit GT3 but the price + HP vs the later engines was very good. They were going for a shade over the top S1 price but had touring packs on etc, great little car and easily tunable for a few more HP.

And yes it is the toyota lump (wtf did I get honda from ? lol)

I always wanted to get a CAT C/D Elise becuase the price was so low on them and usually the repairs were fine, wouldn't bother me at all on a car like that.

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Well I may get to make my mind up sooner....

Someone came over last night and has made me an offer,its not great but will do .I have another chap who is looking at it next week along with this guy again when the pump is done.Both actually seem serious buyers for a change.

The second one is looking at a few other cars in and around Norwich tomorrow????? Wonder whose they are.I did the usual try to put him off my car stuff but he still seems keen.

Who knows today is one of my "want to keep it days"!!

Pump will be done tomorrow fingers crossed


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I am doing my best not to sell it !!

I have had another 3 scammers today.I'm actually thinking of pulling my email address off the ad as its becoming stupid.

Looking forward to having it back on the road next week anyway.

The pump arrived this morning so I will get that in tonight.All in all my rant a week ago seems in the distant past now.When people call up and tell you how they have dreamt of owning an Esprit and read the ads they have printed off it reminds me of when I bought my first one.

Maybe I need to rethink this one.!


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Richard - i've had a gt3 esprit and a v8-gt, and more recently an S2 elise K-series. The v8 cost me a lot of money to run and gave me lots of headaches.. BUT i really, REALLY miss that car. Elise was ok, but not a patch on the esprit.

I'd buy the esprit back today if i had the cash..

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Last update,

The Electric chargecooler pump was a straightforward job. I have filled the system and bled it through and all looks good with no leaks.

All in all a good mod with the peace of mind that its reliable. Even if it isnt it is an easy job to replace the pump with out taking half the engine apart again.


Except someone else will now get the benefit..... Doh!!

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