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Heavy, imprecise gearshift on 89MY

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The gearshift on my 89 NA is horrible and I'd welcome any advice on how to make it a) less heavy and B) more precise

This is what I've tried so far, but with limited success:

1) Greased master unit, replacing lever bush washers and reverse baulk block (the new washers helped a bit with the impreciseness and you at least have a reasonable chance of getting the gear you want now!)

2) Removed translator and checked all four rose joints (fine), greased them and refitted with nice new rod end boots. The translator bearing seemed to move freely also, and without undue slop, so I didn't touch that

3) Removed reactor bearing/carrier (it was actually in pretty good nick also) and replaced cross shaft with thicker later model cross shaft that doesn't require reactor bearing

4) Adjusted tie rod and ends of gearchange cables so they have the prescribed 4mm offset, and no preload.

5) Replaced wobbly old gear knob with new momo knob

But the shift is still very heavy...and in terms of preciseness even my ancient nissan farm pickup that has done 350000km feels like a fomula one car by comparison. Can anyone help? Would the gearshift repair kit described in LEW help at all (and I'm probably thinking the master unit one I'm reasonably confident my translator is in pretty good shape)? Have they improved it any on the original setup?

I did wonder whether the cables might have siezed/stiffen up but if I disconnect the translator there doesn't seem to be too much resistance when you move the gearshift lever around....and I'm guessing they're not the easiest to replace or lubricate anyway, so I'm trying to ignore that possibility for the meantime!

Cheers, Si

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