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scariest day every but with a twist at the end!


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i dont know.. i must be cursed or something, as theres always some sort of crap going on with me .

anyway i might as well bore you again.....

last week been unwell and not too good, not relly said much but this weekend was really bad and found a lump where there shouldnt be any lumps. this damn lump got bigger and hurt more and more over the weekend, went to doctors this morning after kelly went to town with cammy for a walk. in docs for a while , had examination now shes arranging for me to see a surgeon so it can be cut out and tested etc etc..

leave docs and go home, doors still locked and no kelly... hmmmm.... so i quick dial her phone and her mum answers.. hi i said is kelly with you, yes she says were in the hospital.. kelly collapsed in the bank and had to be brought here.

needless to say i went into panic mode and got there at warp factor 10 and left orbit to get there fast, nothing clears the roads like a mad giant leaning out of a window shouting get the f**k out of my way behind you"!

got into the hospital only for a woman to say, hang on i will see if you can sit with her now, to which i replied, im her bloody husband of course im going to sit with her, so i did.

her mum was with her and cammy as well, she was very pale and looked quite unwell, she also had ecg pads all over her as they were monitoring her.

you better sit down i was told.. erm ok.... whats happened i said.. well kellys not been very well and being sick and sice coming back from florida.. yes i replied.. and.. whats wrong..

to which kelly says and i quote..."im pregnant again"..........................................................................

im still in shock now , it really hasnt sunk in, and even though she has been on the pill etc and recently had a period shes pregnant, so they are giving her a scan on thursday with a few more tests to make sure that all is ok and how long its been etc...

so all in all its been a real mad and surreal day here for all of us..

we will know more thursday after these scans etc, until then.. i guess im a daddy again... oh my!

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Congratulations dude!!! Nice to a story with happyish ending (happy for the new one and ish for the lump)

This wasn't really what I was suggesting taking it easy though!!!!

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Cool beans mate! He shoots, he scores :doc::lol::lol::animier:

Seriously though, Its usuailly you, we're telling to take it easy - guess its your better halfs turn to start taking it easy for a while as well.

Edited by mayesprit

Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk - that will teach us to keep mouth shut!

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Woe wee Big fella. :animier::doc::D:D Fabulous. I hope Kelly has recovered. Oh...............and you as well :lol:

Caught between a rock and a hard place in a catch 22 situation, So its 6 of one and half a dozen of the other. Your damned if you do, but your damned if you don't so shut your cock!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jeez Bigfella! I just never know what way your posts are gonna go - just buckle myself in, click on the mouse and go for a roller coaster ride

Bit like your life eh :lol:


Well mate I'm really pleased for you, Kelly and Cam. Take it easy the both of you eh!

Edited by Dave Eds


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i know what you mean dave, it get a bit boring these days, smae old tests, same old needles etc.. same old doctors. i try not to post about it here too much these days as im sure everyone is a little bored hearing about my ails and woes and today they were the last thing on my mind!!!

to be honest when i found out kelly had collapsed and was in hospital i shat myself and was frightened to death something bad had happened, i was so worried about her and cammy everything went out of my mind and i just had to get there as fast as i could.

i cant be arsed about myself but when it comes to kelly and cameron they are my life and i couldnt be without them, i havent been that frightened for a while.

shes told me to stop fussing already, but its what i did when she was expecting cammy i cant help myself.

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They should make your life into a film...except nobody could write a film script like that!! Congratulations to you both, hope all goes well.

Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been." - Albert Einstein

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