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On the front shocks, top cup there is a rubber insert, I estimate it's compressed thickness to be about 10mm, just about the amount I want to drop the front by.

I just have this nagging thought, I can see no technical reason it should be detrimental to the ride quality since it's always under compression, but has anyone done it, removed the rubber insert and was there a noticeble difference?


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Did it

don't go this way

if your car go's through a ditch it feels like your chassis will brake in 2 parts

the suspension will go up to it's max but will hit the top plate (it's like hitting a wall)

your car will bounce of the roud


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Yeah Roger, what he will feel like you are driving around in a mobile Rock crusher with the sound of punding metal to sprung metal...

You woudl be better off taking them to someone like Pedders or Fulcrum and getting a set, (usually off the shelf), that will ride 10mm lower.

I bought some for a Subaru Liberty i lowered not too long ago, i dropped it by 25mm and the full four corners cost me less than 400 bux!

you can even get them sorted at autobarn, but i think you would be better off with a specialist to make sure the spring rate is right...


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