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my final drive


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today it pains me to say that it was my final drive of the lotus. i went for a little drive of the car and by the time i got home i was in absolute agony to the point of crying.

i cant manage to get into the car without difficulty now and after a short while of sitting in the car i am great discomfort and pain. this afternoon the skies cleared and the sun shone for me to have the drive, it seemed someone up there wanted me to enjoy it as much as i could.

i took a drive to the storey arms stop and then back home, i had planned to go further and prehaps call in at simon350's on the way but i couldnt manage it. over the past few months my joints have been getting worse and worse and after the scare i had the other week while driving its not getting better.

tomorrow im going to be cleaning her up again and putting some stuff in the fuel tanks to stop the fuel seperating so that there is no problem with needeing to drain it.

my brother will take it around the block for me once a week but that will be it.

i now have to decide what to do, i am going to have a word with bibs this week hopefully and take it from there, but i have to be prepared to have to let the car go, i wont just let it sit and rot through lack of use. since i have got the car back i have sent every spare moment on the car cleaning and polishing, servicing and keeping it as mint as i can, proof of which is the fact it got through its mot the other week without any advisories and athe tester commenting on how clean it was underneath the car, so clean as to the fact it was the first time he never wore gloves to do a test.

the other issue for us is the fact there is a nother baby due and woman keeps harping about it no longer being sensible , the fact i cant drive it and enjoy it as i normally would so its time to get something that will be easier for me to drive withought having to almost get on my knees to get in and out and contort myself to drive.

i dont relly know what to say about it as its not an easy decision to make in light of everything and i have fought it all the way however i just cannot manage it anymore.

i will keep you all updated as to what will happen.


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A car is only a car Si, even yours with all the history you have with it, and as nice as it is. What's important mate is your health and your expanding family. Go with "woman" on this one. If you can hang on to the car from a financial view point then great, if you can't then you've still got your pictures and your memories. If I had the room in my garage I'd look after it for you! A sad day, what with Kimbers' woes too, I can see too many cars coming on to the market in the next few months. Keep smiling Bigman.


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I'm not going to add anything others haven't already, the car is a really nice one, but still a car, and you and your increasing family come before it.

I would have suggested another Lotus as a compromise, but if your joints have got that painful then any Lotus (elite, Eclat Excel) is probably going to be painful, so not any real fun.

At least you have the new baby on the way to look forward to, so if one baby has to go, so be it.

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Sad to hear that Simon :lol:

I wish you all the best.



'88 Excel SE - monaco white

'99 Elise 111 - azure blue �

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Really sorry to hear that Si. I'm not really up to speed on what diffculties you have or your situation but as has been said health is priority as much as it means losing something so special as your car. would kill me too. I hope things work out for you and you can hang on to the car.

having said that I did think this line was absolutely hilarious...

"the other issue for us is the fact there is another baby due and woman keeps harping about it no longer being sensible "

Be well!


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Hi Simon,

Really sorry to hear this mate - am going to cross everything that you mobile enough again to keep your pride and joy!


1983 Turbo Esprit - Silver - 'Lottie' and 1999 Elise - Norfolk Mustard - 'Liz' Daily driver - 286,000 miles and counting!

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Ooohh No! I have no idea of your medical history back ground etc but gather no matter how hard you have tried its not making you better? We all know how passionate you are about Esprits and nothing makes you more happy tootling around in it. Seems a shame to let your health woes better the things you love dearest.

I can only give you some suggestions for possible solutions if any little bit helps. I used to suffer from lower sore backs and stiff joints that would make me cramp all the time often bed ridden from putting my back out several times. I blame yrs of playing hockey and triathlon. Who knows. Strong abdominal muscles, regular massage and yoga stretches really took the pain away. I used to get knots that literally crippled me not joking and leg muscles you to get so tight from poor posture that gave me sharp stings in my knees. I also take supplements for my joints to keep me pain free. They do help. I know when I have got lazy and gained some weight as my body starts to tell me again so I am back to the exercises to manage it better. I am going to have to work harder in the next few months losing the extra kgs ive gained by doing sweet f a these winter months to prepare for a 180km cycling event end of Nov. It will be a hard wack on my body but with a proper maintenance program (like a car lol!) I think it

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Sorry to hear about your medical problems. It's hard to add any more to what others have said, but I do hope you feel better and enjoy your family with the expected addition.

Very best wishes,


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This is probably no help but, When I first thought about this project of coming over to the UK to buy an Esprit, I was still limited to about 20 minutes driving, before crawling out lying on my back in agony, having lost most of the feeling and movement down the right side of body following an accident about 3 years previous.

At the time I didn't even own a car, whilst most of my freinds thought it was a tipcally Lunatic Roger idea to want to get an Esprit something needed to make all that rehab physcio all the pain and yes pretty close to tears quite a few times worthwhile.

I still keep up with the cycling and swimming, OK last time I went down to Sydney (about 400 miles I went on the train) but I love the car, it is my motivation, to fitness, to stop drinking and smoking.

So I can't drive at much as I would like, but at least when I catch a bus I know I have a choice!


Life is like a sewer, what you get out of it, depends on what you put into it. (Tom Leahrer)

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thanks guys.

well in response to a few things, i dont drink or smoke and i still do my weekly treadmill stuff etc with my trainer/assessor and its still bloody ahrd work.

most of the damge has been caused by my initial bout of rieters and thats my fault for taking so long to go and see a doc about it at the time. my lower joints are swollen all the time now and the underside of my feet are constantly scaling, splitting and bleeding due to one of the little things that happens with it. i moisturise them daily and change socks and shoes 3 times a day.

my lower back hurts badly after being in the car for a while and then it effects the lower joints , hips to my feet. and as you all know my height is my biggest problem, along with my width oh and the big pile of fat i carry on the front of me. im still losing wieght but not at a fast rate and im still way over 20 stone and i have lots to get rid of to help me and my joints.

i sat by the window this morning staring at the car thinking of ways to help myself, like notching the floor pan, extra padding in the seats, re-designing the whole pedal box assembly and off angle boss for the steering wheel etc.. but then i still have the getting in and out issues and they cant be changed.

i still have to get the sills done, im just going to carpet tehm as standard then send them to nick fulcher to be banded and have the gaitor and seatbelt guard stitched in and clean up the centre console leather and if possible find another set of original seats.

apart from that theres nothing really that needs to be done to the car, i will refit the original steering wheel and the undertray when i can collect them off simon.

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Sounds like you've resigned yourself to it going Si?

Praps go for something big and comfy/easier to get in and out of.

Just a thought what about a big Bentley Turbo R. Not really the same I know but more practical, easier to live with(apart from fuel consumption) etc.

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not so much resigned but it seems inevitable, i have to speak with bibs yet about it too, however if it did go iwould have the same problem of finding something that is comfortable for me to get in and out of and that would be ok on any long journeys etc. we are toying with the idea of not having a second car and just making do for the future we are just not sure.

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Sorry to hear it bigman.

Hmmmm Lotus Eagle with Flappy Paddles, no clutch and plenty of room? :lol:

Possibly save your life. Check out this website.


Distributor for 'Every Male' grooming products. (Discounts for any TLF members hairier than I am!)

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Sad to hear Bigman, with a second little un on the way you are probably going to have to get the larger family vehicle at some point.

I hope there is a combination of drugs which can hold the condition at bay for you, and allows you to keep mobile. The idea of the carlton sounds a good one, if you want to keep the lotus connection going.


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alex we have spoken in great deal many times about the cocktail of drugs i take and the advice you have given me has always been spot on, so you know more than many that it would become inevitable at some point.

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si si si, you know this is all because your a dragon chaser, if you get rid how the hell you going to get the pesky things LMAO, i have lots of plans, here are my first 3:-

1. T-top the bugger, hey i was going to try

2. get shorter (think that maybe a little harder than option one)

3. buy a range and be a sheep p.i.m.p. (think it would suit you)

seriously though its really crap matey, i know this is really random but does it just hurt to

drive OR does it hurt just sitting in the car.

also is a stevens set out better than yours? getting in wise, just trying to go for options here.


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karl you always manage to put a smile on my face.

well i have taken the time to speak with quite a few people today about what to do and to make sure i wouldnt be pi**ing anyone off etc and basically being respectful to those concerned.

after careful advice by some very well respected people ion the community i have decided that the car will be put up for sale, i cant just let it sit in the driveway unused and i will not do that under anycircumstances.

the car has just been mot'd with a perfect pass and its going to be re-taxed next week i think, i have to check with kelly.

its just been serviced and i am going to be spending a few days cleaning it upto my usual standards then putting the cover over it, everyone knows how much time i spend cleaning and caring for the car and making sure its presentable for shows etc.

i am hoping to speak with kato to arrange a listing, the only problem is the value of the car with one valuation coming in at

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Well, not that it will help, but I have a good buddy here in town that was pushing 255lbs and havng trouble with joints. Not from anything other than stress and weight, so abit different from your case to be sure. However, he started eating carbs or protiens only (in other words - don't mix em'). He started walking and this carb or protien diet back in November and I was thinking... sure whatever. It just sounded like every other "exersize and diet' magic south beach bleach blond bimbo diet on TV at the time.

Now? He is at 196lbs (7 months later), his joints no longer hurt, he plays raquette ball 3 times a week, and most of all... He can enjoy his Z06 to its fullest again. The guy does not even look like the man I first met. His doc says he has "perfect BP" and his resting pulse is 72!

So, find a bit that works for you regarding wt loss...

Everything else...I have no clue? Keith Richards suggest that you mix up some cocain for the pain, chase it with OJ and Alka seltzer, take a multi vitamin, and drink whiskey before noon daily... but I am not sure I would try it. He still goes on tour, but I am pretty sure he is dead? Hahaha...

Keeping you in thoughts and prayers.


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"If you feel that you are in total control of the car, well, your just not driving fast enough". Jimmy Clark

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