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Rover V8 look tiny wee engine!

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Nick has had that car for sale for a while I think.

I spotted one on the 2006 factory day with a Rover V8 in the back, easy to spot as you can see bits of the engine you wouldn't normally see.

I guess using a standard 3.5 l Rover V8 isn't really that worth while (1984, EFI set up pushing less than 190BHP which is about the same as a 2.2 l HC NA engine). You could tune one to get a lot more, but then again the same 2.2 l Lotus unit can go to more than 300HP safely, so why bother with all the work of getting it to fit, getting the weight in the right place, sorting out the drive train and all the other stuff, when bolt-on solutions are available from the later Esprits?

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Isn't there a local boy with a black g-car with a rover V8 in it, i think his name was Daniel -spotted him on the thorpe road and whilst he never responded to my spot on this forum, when i got my club lotus magazine about a week later there was a double spread all about him! I agree with andy, why stick a thirsty, heavy, lazy ol' engine and get less BHP?

I suppose they sound nice, but i would n't exactly say mine was bad sound either, love my lotus burble!!!


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I had one of them in my 1998 Land Rover (4.0L, 190 HO) - what a lazy engine.

I had heard that people were converting their Esprits with the Rover V8, but after I got the Land Rover I decided to go a different route (I admit the V12 is a little overkill)

I could never understand how Land Rover saw fit to put that engine in a 4500 lb vehicle. After that I bought a Mercedes ML320, much nicer and smother, but you still cand beat a Land Rover (even if they lacked power)

There will be another one in the future, but I think I will get a Ranger Rover with the BMW V8.

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You have to remember with the Rover V8 that it is easily uprated from the 3.5 ltr low power unit to something that will trash the gearbox in a few hundred yards. 3.9, 4.2, 4.6 are all available from the Land Rover stable and are standard off the shelf engines, not to mention the high bhp and capacity engines that were bolted into TVRs.

A standard 2.2 na Esprit has 160 bhp and 160 lbft of torque. The Land Rover 4.6 produces 'only' 220 bhp, but has around 300lbft of torque as standard, even a boggo 3.5 has 160 bhp and 210 lbft of torque. Buy one from a broken vehicle for beer money and plop it in. You won't even have to open it up to check it over. It'll do another 100k miles needing only oil changes.

It's a reliable, relatively lightweight, inexpensive engine to buy and fettle especially compared with the rebuild cost of the 9xx series engines and if it keeps another Esprit on the road, what's the problem?

There's no substitue for cubes.

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Haha GKP Finally I now know why!! lol My mate was a Rover mechainic when I had a MG midget 1972 he had a healy Sprite 1968. He had a few goes in the MG RV8 and said the grunt was amazing must be same kind of thing???

Hilly Thanks too I know it didnt have the old side bits but for a v8 and a 3.5 I just thought it look small BTW who is this nick?

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