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Name that pipe....

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Took the air filter box off today and have a sort of yellowy translucent pipe with a wotsit on the end of it on the un-filtered side of the intake, beind the filter as you look at it. It's coming in from the rear of the car but quickly goes behind lots of.....stuff I can't make out where it's coming from or what it does.

Tempted to trim it back as it is pretty long but I'm sort of wanting to know what I am cutting 1st...

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It's the breather hose to the charcoal cannister. :(

Should be dangling somewhere over the O/S wheel arch,

the cannister purges through another pipe into the inlet

manifold via a non return valve.

When i first found the pipe i thought it WAS the purge and

that the cannister purged to air, but this is not the case

(look at the evaporative loss system drawings in the parts

manual section 44.05A).

FWIW if it's yellow, and mine was, check it's condition as all

mine were rotten and i replaced them with proper fuel line.

Everyone knows about the breather pipes up top, but the

cannister system has about 2m of the same crap yellow

stuff rotting just the same, just outta sight and smell.


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