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Pair of big rear wheels - V8, aftermarket

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As far as I know there are no aftermarket rims available for the Esprit since Lotus used an unusual PCB both front and rear. The only option is to go for a bespoke set - I know Karl did that for his GT3.

Moving forwards it may become a bigger problem particular for the rears due to the market trend of moving to larger diameter rims with lower aspect ratio tyres. I know Goodyear don't make (and have no plans to make) their latest F1 Asymmetric in either 285/35/R18 or 295/35/R18 so if you want to keep using the latest tyre technology a new set of rims may be required, say 235/35/R18 at the the front and 295/30/R19 at the rear.

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Hi Jon,

For price wise and quality I would consider using compomotive motorsport

rims, they are bespoke, made up the 18" and 10" wide thats what i run

on mine on the back with 275 35 18, great looking wheels and they are light as hell!

Well worth considering, good luck on the search regards danny


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I have a set of Split rim Compomotives complete with slicks that came off an early racing Esprit Turbo (the one that ended up with Mike at Lotusbits). They are f'ing big! 4 stud though, any good?




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Cheers guys,

5-stud only - Compo MO 6 spokes are good - Team Dynamics have just brought in a new wheel that they'll do also - called the 'JadeR' and again very light for size.. awaiting prices.. I tried to get Mark Mackenzie to give me his set of Azevs that are 19 295s and look great but no joy..

Ideally I want 12.5Js to fit the latest sizes made for the new crop of hyercars - i.e. 315-335 section 18-19s.. may have to go to Image but at a grand a pop for a pair of rears before tyres it's not cheap..

How wide did Hethnel make the V8s rears?


It's alive.. alive!!!..


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I think the widest were Sport300 rims...

Rear: 10.5'' x 17'' OZ alloy rim with 315/35x 17'' Goodyear GS-C tyre.

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