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Toyo RA1 dot stickies

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From the size chart which sizes would be a good choice, theres not the perfect match but some of them are close and I have been procrastinating over these for the last few months and need to pull finger and get some.

They are great tires and I know how they perform so I would like them on my car. But I really need to know if a 275 width could work.

Also for the fronts too 235 or 255?

Cheers all.

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I'd go with the new R888, heard good things about them, much better then the RA1's



Hi agree the R888 is so much better for grip but I am also wanting to be realistic if I got caught out in the wet. I think these would serve me much better for everyday driving as well as the occasional track day where that extra grip will count. So narrow at the front and wide at the rear how would that affect the geometry as opposed to std? More understeer?

Do you really mean to downsize the rears?

Are you having trouble getting heat into them or something else?

I heard Mike S was running a rear 275 race tire that was better for getting heat into? The track days we do are small in circuit size of around 1.5km - 2km and four laps each then coming off for 3/4 then back out for another 4 lap session so I want my tires to be sorted on the warm up lap ideally.

Just open to opinion thats all.

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OK if its a question of heat then really you need to look at the temperatures across the tyre surface as that will tell you which area of set up geometry could be modified.

Hot in the middle: reduce air pressures about 2 PSI

Hot on the outside: Increase negative camber. about 1/2 degree.

Hot in the inside: Decrease negative camber. same above

Hot on the outside and in the middle: Check your toe isn't excessive.

Hot on the inside and in the middle: Increase your castor angle

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