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I'm installing a small amplifier under the front passenger seat and need to run the power cable.

Is there a place on the firewall (preferably on the passenger side -USA) where I can run a power cable to the battery? I don't want to start pulling the carpet up in the wrong area to find no hole!

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Why don't you run a wire from the Positive post in the cabin? If you remove the A pillar trim (on the passenger side on your car) you will see a load of brown wires connected to an insulated bolt. Run your wire to here, fit an eye to the end of it, and bolt it with the other positive feeds. (Disconnect the battery first!!!!)

Run your wire to here, and you don't need to meddle with the firewall, or run long wires right to the back.

There is a negative post in the opposite location behind the A pillar trim. This will have a load of black wires which are your earths.

Or if you want to keep the earth in the same wire run as the positive, you could put an eye on the end of your earth and attach it to one of the bolts holding the scuttle beam to the side pillars.

The above method will provide you a good solid positive and good solid earth.. perfect for your audio setup.

But where will you fit the Phoenix Gold 1 farrad capacitor? :welcome:

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Just remember to disarm the immobiliser before you disconnect the battery, or your alarm will think you're trying to steal the car and start wailing at you!

The whole of the scuttle beam is earthed, so if you're mounting the amp in the passenger footwell area, it's a good place to get a decent earth if you don't want to go back to the earthing post behind your drivers side 'A' pillar trim.

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