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Headlamp Motor Fun!

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I just got my car back on the road after, well, a long story...

Anyway, my headlamps had been sluggish. I remember trying to troubleshoot the problem long ago - and then they got out of sync(!) I adjusted them to the closed position, and didn't mess with them since. All my driving since getting it back on the road had been during the day - which is a good thing, cause they didn't move. Tonight I dug in a fixed them.

So... here are some tips that might be helpful (US 1986 HCI):

* Headlamp motors not working reliably: Like another poster here, a dirty fuse was the culprit. The one you want is in the dash board by your left knee. It's the 10A fuse in the middle of the far right-hand column of fuses. I just removed/inserted it a few times. If that's not it, try inserting and removing the relays. They're behind the windshield water bottle in the front boot.

* Adjusting the headlamp pod at-rest level: At the back of the motors is a screw that you can turn by hand to lift the pods. That's not the adjuster. That's just the emergency lift. The adjustment is an 11mm bolt on the side of the motor near the front of the car. BEFORE ADJUSTING, REMOVE THE FUSE DESCRIBED ABOVE. Even with the keys removed, if the headlamp motor sensor decides that the thing is in the wrong position, it can turn without warning. You could lose a finger or two, if you're not careful.

Loosen the 11mm bolt, and turn the crank arm to face downward. Hold the pod near the correct level. Tighten the 11mm bolt. It might take a few attempts. Make sure to get the bolt tight enough that it doesn't slip, and so that it doesn't angle back toward the headlamp motor.

* Headlamps out of sync: If you don't tighten the bolt enough, the crank arm can slip, and one light will be up while the other is down. Whee! Also, the clearance between the crank arm and the bolts on the headlamp motor is tight. If the arm angles in toward the motor, it can hit the bolt and stick, which will definitely put your eyeballs out of sync.

* Headlamp motor failure: If one or more pods refuse to lift, you can hand crank the screw at the back of the motor. However, FIRST PULL THE HEADLAMP MOTOR FUSE. The reason is that if the headlamp motors decide to work all of a sudden, the pods could move to an unpredictable angle. So... pull the fuse, crank the pods up, drive home, and fix/adjust it in the comfort of your garage.

* Are my headlamp motors toast? First, if they both fail to work, it's probably the fuse. If one fails, it might be the relay. Try the FLASH function by pulling the left-hand stalk toward you. It uses a different circuit. If the FLASH function fails as well, your headlamp motors may very well be dead. If they "wink", it's the fuse, the relays or some other problem.

I hope this is helpful...

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I thought you adjust the headlamp pod resting position by removing the pushrod from the crank and adjusting the length of it by unscrewing one or other of the rod ends.

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