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V8 tuning by OBD II


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I just saw we lost a few posts from this thread. Several of us are interested in your ability to tune/reflash maps via OBDII so would welcome some more information.

One current downside with the chip upgrades currently available is that we have to remove chips/EEproms soldered directly onto the circuit board and then re-solder the new chips (mostly with a socket for ease of future changes). There are a few guys out there who have revised maps for the ECU who would have a much improved offer if the chips could be reflashed via the OBDII.



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Certainly the ECM can be reprogrammed using the OBDII port. After all that's how Lotus provide the S350 upgrade. But it can't be done with the standard OBDII protocol. It would have to use Lotus's own proprietory 'back door' protocol to access the ECM at a lower level. Of course if someone has cracked that then it would be possible.

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Thanks. The current mod list is:

Johan ECU

reflowed turbos

Blitz boost controller

water injection

straight exhaust


... and I'm finishing up upgrading the gearbox with the Holloway upgrade and a Quaife.

Edited by gmendoza

'03.5 Final Edition Esprit ~ 5.7lbs/hp

mildly modded - 430rwhp, 353rwtq

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Paul, I had it done locally ... in my garage. :rolleyes: I'm doing it myself. :hrhr:

Gabe, my car has had the ECU for over 3 years. Although Johan isn't active anymore, Matt Monet from Dynamic Racing can still get his ECU.

'03.5 Final Edition Esprit ~ 5.7lbs/hp

mildly modded - 430rwhp, 353rwtq

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Good luck Gabe. Although if you do Johan's ECU, you don't need the O2 sims, the ECU ignores the rear O2s.

Paul, let me know when. :rolleyes:

Edited by gmendoza

'03.5 Final Edition Esprit ~ 5.7lbs/hp

mildly modded - 430rwhp, 353rwtq

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Where do I start or Stop....STOCK well it was sort of.....until around 2006 when I started to re-build new powerplant/drive train...mileage was 24k then and car was 100% running perfect.

This is not for the faint hearted..mere money will not cut it...nor will ability... You need a dam good wife calls herself a garage need people like Brian Angus..Johan..My close friend Jimmy with his lathe/Mill and my pal Roy, to get your head right on so many pointers.. All the special V8 tooling Made ready.

So this is as IS now.

6 speed dog box..twin paddle clutch.....ATM Diff..3.44 ratio geared for over 200mph.

Engine..the basic's are forged JE Piston's..ACL comp Big Ends Bearings...ARP Head are one thing, what one one does with the whole lump is another.

Hybrid Turbo's HKS..SSBOV...Forge waste gates...Spearco Inter Coolers...Johan ECU....Apexi AVC-R boost controller..200cell Metal cats from Aussie with special stainless pipe work,built up to suite. I built silencer from a stock V8..50% lighter 100% more efficient..Cabin area..Oil temp/pressure, Exhaust gas temp, Boost pressure..4 point harness, quick release steering wheel, Latest factory Suspension dampers/springs..set at low position...Toyo TIR Tyres.

Some 4000 miles on, I still need time to set the car up properly, boost is set at aprox 0.5 kg( Apexi uses KG not Bar)so its aprox around 8-10 psi, I have never raised the pressure, because the car needs to have the Apexi run through the 6 gears...that is a bit of its now possible to run these figures for real.

69..95..125...155...180...207 at max revs.

Is the car any quicker or faster...Dam Silly question. one thing about more... you always want More...My car is now ready for what I have planned for Stage two.

I built my car like this for a record attempt...200 miles per hour....the only person I know who has a road car capable of this and has past it is Johan 212mph in 2002.

Hopefully in I suspect Bruntingthorpe I will have a go.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New you all...regards Rob C or 07976 609881

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