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After 3 days of grief following a catastrophic failure of 3/4 of the discs used in our RAID5 array, many emails to our hosts generally of a threatening and insulting manner, hundreds of emails from you lot and initially the wrong backup being restored, we're back!

The only posts lost are those from the last hour.

Apologies for the inconvenience. I've moving hosts to a new company and will be taking a dedicated server rather than the VPS we have now. It may be twice as expensive but I think for the peace of mind, security, speed and other reasons it needs to be done.

PS If anyone uses Nativespace for hosting, they are f***ing rubbish so close your account!

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Evora NA

For forum issues, please contact the Moderators. I will aim to respond to emails/PM's Mon-Fri 9-6 GMT. 

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Pure coincidence I should try it at this moment! Or maybe I've been sitting here suffering withdrawal symptoms and clicking Refresh every 3 minutes...

Good on yer mate. Willing to pay more dues if it helps!

British Fart to Florida, Nude to New York, Dunce to Denmark, Numpty to Newfoundland.  And Shitfaced Silly Sod to Sweden.

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yay :zorro::)

but at least i have cleaned and re-fed the leather, tided up the toolbox in the boot. oh, and tidied the house a bit :)

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you are most definitely worth your weight in guinness :)

and thanks for all your hard work..........

Edited by gghc87


Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed. : Albert Einstein

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Share on other sites now that's sorted, perhaps it might not be a bad idea to have our very own porn section?

That way there's no need to deviate from the forum for any reason what so ever.

If we could also publish live football scores during the season, then by thunder that would be just ducky!!

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Hm, strange I just replied to this but it didn't work, oh well.

One of the 2 posts lost from me during that hour was one where I refused to respond to a comment by a certain Mr Kimberly about members posting on another forum.


That emoticon.

Is it called "sucking" (or maybe blowing), or is that just the look it has by accident?


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I got forced to assemble a whole bunch of Ikea furniture I've been putting off doing for weeks (wonder if my wife was behind the outage!)

Paddle Faster, I hear Banjos!
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Phew! ...blood pressure back down.......well done!

Robert Costa
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2004 Lotus Elise
Quite Green! gone 😞

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“The car's weakest part is the nut holding the steering wheel”

Recommended procedure before taking on a repair of Lucas equipment: Check the position of the stars,kill a chicken and walk three times clockwise around your car chanting:" Oh mighty Prince of Darkness protect your unworthy servant.."

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I'm more of a lurker than a frequent poster, but I also am adding my thanks for the forum being up and running again.

It's good to be back in touch with you all !

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Other forums Andy? Are there any? :thumbup:

Well Bibs and I had a cracking weekend anyway, so Nyaaaaa to you lot! :harhar:

I must admit that Bibs getting his I phone out every 5 minutes and saying "Still Down" did get a little repetative for the instructors on the day......if he missed 5 mins, me saying "Is it still down?" didn't help either :lol

Possibly save your life. Check out this website.


Distributor for 'Every Male' grooming products. (Discounts for any TLF members hairier than I am!)

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Guest bharper

We had a similar failure here stateside about a month and a half ago.... lost a 4 drive raid array on one of our primary servers, the 3 drive os array was fine. Server just went down mid afternoon, and all recovery attempts failed. Just garbage on the drives. No warnings, no errors, just died.

I am highly suspect that we, and you may have been hit by the 1024 rsa trojan. It encrypts the data volume, which then becomes useless. I have heard the hackers then send an email requesting payment for the key, but we did not receive one.

It is most unusual to loose a 4 drive array, when using 400,000 hour mttf drives and commercial servers and hardware raid adapters (compaq/hp).

If you need someplace to land the forum some day Bibs, look me up. I have about a dozen and a half compaq/hp servers online setting on 4 t1's to the net. Have been doing hosting since 1997. Host the largest art glass company in the US (, as well as a couple of the better known companies in the radio control industry ( and I specialize in custom online db applications, and custom ecomm solutions. 4 loti in the garage to piddle with to get away from the computers!


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Well done Bibs :thumbup: Good too see everything working again. Sadly failed disks seem to be very common these days, I think it's just down to packing too much stuff in to a small space. We've had loads of disk failures here at work over the past couple of years and not just on cheap ones either.......

Keep up the good work

Martyn :harhar:

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