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anyone know if

'TORX' SOCKET, (For cam carrier bolts) High compression engines SJ907E0063 EACH 4.20 (from SJ Catalogue) it's similar (but cheaper) to the "Lotus special tool" for removing the torx bolt under the Allen on the cam carriers?

If not I need to modife a norrmal Torx to take out the hidden bolts in the carriers...?



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Hi Bigsi,

yes I know, it's a normal 10mm torx but a normal Torx it's too big (diameter) to pass in the hole of the carrier and mine is too thin so it can't be modified for the job.

Any advice?



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Got mine from halfords it was a bit on the tight size and it was a bit of a pain since it was a 3/8 drive so then I had to buy a 3/8 to 1/2 adaptor. To get the depth had to use an extension bar but my 1/2 drive one was to big so I went back to Halford and bougtht a 3/8 drive extension. So the bits i bought were

1, Torx bit on 3/8 drive

2, 3/8 drive extension bit

3, 3/8 to 1/2 adaptor



"Belief is the enemy of knowing" - Crrow777

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Greetings! I realize you gents aren't in the US but, JAE Parts in Goleta California sells these GREAT replacements for those pain-in-the-rump star head bolts. They work with a 12 point 10mm socket. The socket gets a much more positive grip than that 10mm star socket on the older style. If I recall, they were only about 30.00 USD. Maybe there is something similar in your neck of the woods.

Regards, Nick

bye the way...

Jay and Jeff are first class.

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