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2nd gear crunch:(

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It's not normal, but I wonder whether it could be the synchro.

I thought the synchro is basically for matching revs on the downshift (2->1). On an upshift, say you take it up to 3000 rpm in 1st, you should be able to very gently slide into second gear when the revs reach 2000 rpm even without the clutch (based on the ratios for the Esprit's gearbox). Am I wrong on this? Somebody tell me.

Does this crunch happen only when cold or all the time?

You could try double-clutching on the upshift (yes, I know most double-clutching is done for downshifts). If double-clutching on the upshift solves the problem, then maybe it is the synchro after all.


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Mine does it too

Shite old Citroen gearbox manufactured DOWN to a price....

Can't cope with the Turbo's torque and the synchro goes...

If I change above 3000 revs - kerrunch!!!

So I floor it, double declutch, let the revs drop below 3k and then change! :)

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I had the same problem and replaced the 1st/2nd synchro when I had to rebuild the gearbox following crownwheel/pinion failiure. The pinion being also the gearbox mainshaft meant it all had to come apart! New synchro cured the problem completely. As a matter of interest, the crownwheel/pinion alignment is set by a thrust washer in the gear cluster; all CWP sets come with the required pinion projection engraved on them. Lots of interesting measuring! When I ordered the correct thickness of washer, I was told that although "they" sold quite a few CWP sets, nobody had ever ordered a thrust washer before - so there must be a few cars out there with improperly adjusted CWP sets!

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